Hit some ponds and 1st bass of the yaer.

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bubba bass bigfoot, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Me and my dad went to a couple ponds and did ok i guess. I got my first bass of the year. The fish was breaking the surface when we got there, took me awhile to get it to hit. I got it on a t-rigged ZOOM worm. It was 3 plus lbs and 18-20inches (i say 18). There was another bass breaking the surface also and it had to be 5-6lbs, could not get it. Went to the Bends and my dad broke one off. I had one follow and turn away. Thats all the action we had besides some hits here and there.

    The fish looks smaller in the pics.

  2. Nice catch Bubba. I know that pond and actually fished it today as well. I went to my Crappie hole that we always slay em at and they must not be in there yet cause we never got bit so we decided to hit that pond on the way home. I dont fish it but a couple times a year but have caught a couple nice Bass outa there and some huge Crappie. Were you there early? We were there around 4 or 5 but never saw any one else. Good luck this year, today was my first day out and I got :S

  3. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    I was there around noon-1. Its a good little pond. Keep it quite.
  4. No problem!!
  5. hit my local neighborhood ponds today and caught 5 and missed twice that.
    All but one on spinnerbait. The shallows were way warmer than the deeper water and the active fish were all in about 1-2 ft of water. Kept one 17 incher to put in my dads new pond. Put a fat 18" in there yesterday from a different pond as well.
  6. I ended up hitting a local pond this morning, started out wanting to hit the river for some smallies but the water was high and muddy, since I had already bought some minnies I decided to hit a pond instead, floated the minnies around the shallows with no weight so they could flutter around, didnt do bad at all(or better than I thought I would when I started) ended up with probably a dozen LM most in the 12-14" range, hit one that was probably 16" and a couple gills, most fish were shallow, funny to watch some of them swim up to the minnie, give him the evil eye, some of them would take the minnie for a split second then spit it out, very funny and informative thing to watch, might go back in the morning if the weather holds.
  7. First day out was Sunday. Hit a gahanna pond. 12 LM 1 lb. - 2 1/2 lbs. Got out again yesterday in another Gahanna pond and got shut out. I know which one I'm going to today!
  8. hit another local pond today and it was at least 3-5 degrees warmer in the shallows than it was yesterday afternoon. The bass were on fire and were chasing gills out of the water all over the shallows. I only caught two bass though because as soon as I caught them I quickly drove them over to my dads new pond that really needs them. So I think I really only made about 10 casts today with the spinnerbait. One 16" one 18". I think Im going to wait untill I get a good 19-21" bass before I take another one. I dont want to kill that ponds population.
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    Nice work. That fish looks good. Go over to riversmallies.com and check out the tutorial of taking pictures of fish. Mine always used to look smaller in the photo than they were in reality until I followed the tutorial.

    Nice shirt and hat, BTW. I have the same combo - it is my lucky combo.

    Nice bass - just like redhawk is the king of runaway bay; you are the king of the texas rig.

    Tight lines and hope you have a top-notch fishing season. I was hoping you'd chime in on OGF soon. BTW, how is baseball this year?
  10. I went back to the same pond tonight and was able to get 6 or 8 more LM, biggest one was maybe 15" and 2lbs, if things are descent in the morning I might make another trip.