Hit O'Shay Sat night

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  1. Went to the lake Saturday night around 5 ish. Invited Dabears (Dan) to go.

    We went north first and then the water got REAL SKINNY. About 1 ft. up by the ski lines before the powerlines. I never had it 1 ft there before. Always around 5 ft there until you go under the powerlines then it gets about 1-2 ft.

    I guess with hardly no rain to speak of for about 4 weeks now it is going to get skinnier until next week.

    Well, I'll tell ya that didn't stop Dabears. This is what he raked in with a jig and Chartruese curlytail.
    That's 15" in case yu can't read it fellas.
    :eek: O'Shay stills holding them.

    I was supposed to call EE back to go fishing on Sunday and called Doris to see if she had anything for me to do and I forgot to call him back until later.

    Sorry EE, I'll catch you next time Eric.

    I got nothing except a 3" bluegill. :mad: :eek:
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    Heck yeah O'Shay is still holding them Steve. It is FULL of nice bass. Check out the picture of Marshall and I from the BAIT tournament we won there in early June. Total bag was 12.11lbs


  3. Now that's a nice picture. Oh, I know their in there alright. I just don't know where anymore. I'm marking fish and can't catch one that is on the screen. Then I'm showing them on the front screen and not the back screen. I figured out why though.
    The fish were going side to side and not front to rear. Never saw them on the back Lowrance. I thought something was wrong but then I realized that they weren't heading back there.

    That sounds good doesn't it?

    Great to hear from you again Mike. We'll have to get together sometime.