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Hit Long Lake Today

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Big Daddy, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. I decided to take my sons out on the ice today. It was the first trip for my youngest, Sam. He did very well. We caught a bunch of dinks, but Sam did manage a crappie, about a 6 incher. Was just fun to take them out and let them catch a few fish. Pix to follow.

    Oh yeah, there was a fait amount of water on top, but the ice under it was a good, solid 4 to 5 inches. All going to freeze tonight and the rest of the week. Just watch the edges.

  2. Sam's first fish through the ice.

  3. Sam and his first crappie. He had a ball out there. Was real slick too.

  4. TxTransplant

    TxTransplant Fishin Fool!

  5. Hey Carl,,, Great pictures of them little guys............
    I'm glad to see you can get some time in with the kids..
    I used to get my son to go with me alot... UMMMMMM
    Miss those days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stan ;)
  6. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    Good lookin boys, you must be proud. I remember those days the kids and fishing and all. Now they have no time. Cherish them while you have them at home. John
  7. Lewis


    Great looking boys there Carl..
    They must take after their mom! :D :D are diehard for sure!!!
    Great pics!
  8. The future is looking very promising, good looking youg men!
    I also have a question? Have you ever heard of dollar lake?
    And if so, could you tell me if it is worth fishing. The owner
    wants my brother to build some houses oround it. Im going
    to give it a site evaluation, then Im going to fish it. contact
    me if you'd like
  9. Dollar Lake is GREAT fishing. Big gills and monster crappie.
  10. Big Daddy,
    Aren't you missing one of today's pictures?
  11. Those are some healthy lookin' bodyguards ya got there BD. Good show.....
  12. Fished long sunday steady action but way too many dinks; hopefully miller frezzez back over it's right up there with misery bay on quality gills. It is a shame about the development arond dollar; water uaed to be real clean and lake was full of hawg bass.
  13. Sliderville, I didn't take it, I was only joking. ;)

    They had a ball, I was only trying to keep up with them. I'm still sore and tired from Presque Isle. LOL.
  14. One question for you, where are the young fishermens cups of hot chocolate? What a Daddy you are. Am waiting to see what your answer is. Just pulling your chain. Bill aka Wormdunker69
  15. We went out to lunch right after, and of course, they had hot chocolate with whipped cream on top! Then, they both ate a cup of chicken noodle soup and fell asleep in the truck on the way home. LOL.

    I prefer, with kids, to leave the hot chocolate for after the fishing. Gives us something to look forward to. If we would have stayed out longer, I would have brought sandwiches and stuff, but we were only there for a couple hours. Sam's only 4 and I think that even though we were getting fish, he would have turned his attention to the food and hot stuff rather than the fishing. But they were excited to get to the restaurant!!!
  16. Dingo


    A few years ago, they started preparing for the development and really screwed up a nice resource. It was a great little lake to drag the canoe onto and fish for 'gills, bass, and crappie. Used to see the hatch of freshwater jellyfish in there as well. Have never witnessed them anywhere else. They had some issues between the canal (outflow from firestone) and lake, causing some canal water to make its way into the lake. I have stayed away since they started tearing up the shorelines. Didin't know if I would be trespassing or not.