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Hit knox lake today got one nice one and alot of small ones. an trailor problem

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Fish4Fun, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Well took off work got some things done then hit knox from noon until dark. Managed one nice one and alot of smallerones around 14 fish total. Water temps were around 66 degrees and lake looks good. All fish were caught on spinner baits except 4 fish came off jig and pig all came pounding the bank across from the dam ramp. On the way home my trailor leaf spring or leaf spring bracket broke the fender was on the tire lucky for me i was only at knox i will check it out tomorrow and get fixed asap. Heres some pics. One pic is of the crappie rw caught at alum the other day we got 4 that day.
  2. wow 14 fish!!! thats 14 more than i got when we went:D sounds and looks like it was a great day at knox. to bad about your trailor.

  3. I ate those fish that night,there were five.Glad you had some action,bummer about the trailer though.I watched a couple guys catch some steelies up in Conneaut Creek this afternoon,wish I would have had a rod.Gotta hit the rack,anything up for next week?
  4. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    well figure out something for next week. Anth fishing is still a little slow but i will get you back up here before winter and try to get on some fish.
  5. Way to go guys. Sounds like the time is getting close!
    Hey I was just on the Alum creek site and it was
    posted that all ramps were closed. Whats up with that ?

    capt. Hook
  6. We were out on Alum Creek today -- and put in at two different ramps (Cheshire and the one south of it). And, we saw others putting in at the ramp above 37. No problems with the ramps there. Now the fishing -- that's something else. In about 16 hours of fishing there the past two days we had two 9 inch crappies to show for it. Given what's posted here, we'll probably run up to Knox tomorrow morning. Anyone else gonna be there?
  7. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    If i wasn't having trailor problems i would come over with you but iam on a rush to get the trailor back together. If you put in at the dam go left run down that bank hit the cove then fish up next to the spillway on the bank with out all the brush and come down that side. I have done good on small spinnerbaits slow rolling and letting drop sometimes. most hits come on the drop or when really slow rolling not fast also using a brown and orange jig with a zoom pumkinseed trailor small. most of my fish have come doing both tactics slow. Anything else pm me.
  8. I im going to knox sometime this weekend. if i do, i will report what i got or dident get.
  9. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Sounds good if your bank fishing anth hit the bank all around the big pennisula by the dam ramp and the rock and both fishing docks you may pick up some bass also the big tree on the right side of the pennisula is a good place for crappie from the bank with bobber and minnow fishing deep around 8 to 10ft. good luck and if you walk up the spillway go up the left side as you are looking up walk all the way up and over to the main lake side and you will have bank access have picked up several bass there this yr as well. hope this helps you get on some fish.
  10. A friend and I hit Knox Saturday morning. We started about 8am, and in the first 15 minutes it was fast and furious -- 4 bass within the first 100 yards from the southernmost boat ramp (working toward the small cove). Then, it was like a light switch and it just turned off. Two more hours fishing without a bite. But, it was good while it lasted. Just wish we had gotten up an hour earlier for the hour-plus drive from Columbus so we could have started at dawn and maybe gotten a few more. Thanks for the tips, Fish4Fun -- hope you got the trailer fixed...