Hit Buckeye tonight

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bruce, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. bruce


    One small 2 1/2 pound er. Lost a big one 6 or 7 but got a wiper about 2lb. It was wet and cold with the wind but all good. THANKS MUSHROOMMAN. PS On huskey gerk clown good luck.
  2. i got my boat out for the first time thursday afternoon and went to buckeye also, i was bass fishing. the water level is up to full pool, i'd guess. alot higher than last year. the water clarity is pretty good. the water temperature was around 48 on the main lake and 50 in the backwaters and canals. it was cold and windy and didn't catch a thing. the docks are not in yet either at the north bank ramp. it felt good though to get the boat out and run it a little. i filled the truck up on the way home and it cost me almost $60 and that was only a half a tank, ouch!!

  3. I also hit buckeye this past weekend and caught a few eyes and some nice crappie. The eyes were a little slow compared to the few weeks past but it might of had something to do with all the rain we received before the weekend.