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  1. Hit a pond lastnight with my Son, we didnt have a whole lot of time as I had to pick up my daughter from a appointment, but we gave it a try for about 45 minutes, caught a few gills, no LM:( I was wondering is there a period in the fall where the LM in ponds pick up a little??? Thanks
  2. i'm assuming you are live bait fishing since you caught some gills and you are with your son. anyways (feel free anyone to correct me) i believe that largemouth in ponds briefly move into the shallows for a couple of weeks in October to fatten up for the winter. I'm pretty sure they do this during the warmest parts of the day. Moreover, i think they are mainly eating baby fish (bluegill/bass fry). I think your best bet would be to float a minnow under a bobber in a shallow area during the warmest part of the day in a pond. I fish a lot of ponds (not live bait though), and this is always the time of year where i take off my senko and fluke and tie on a rapala countdown or a rooster tail.

  3. My Son was fishing with crawlers but I threw a Rapala original minnow, a bluegill patterned shad rap, and a white spinnerbait, couldnt really spend much time on any one bait as we were only there about 45 minutes.
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    I hit up a local pond a few evenings ago for about an hour and a half. I tried a dark green jig with a craw trailer, a black and blue jig with a frog trailer, and a gold/black crank. I ended up catching two largemouth on a Mepps yellow spinner with a red/white blade. One was 10 1/2", the other was 11 1/2".
  5. Went to a local pond this PM. LM were turned on in mid-day. Simple little pink jig and 2 " white twister tail killed'm. All C&R. The cooler nites are have a desirable effect on water temperatures and the bass are putting on the feed bag.
  6. small pond in galloway bout 10am oct9th got about a 12inch smally on a all red spinner bait, usually have better luck on small buzz baits or a black/purple 6in worm, headed over to the darby off alkire and nothing didnt c any didnt c any movement water still down calm and clear