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Hit a gusher today!!!

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Elamenohpee, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    Went out on the harbor side of the marina at Edgewater and poked a hole through 6". Just before I ran 'er threw, I felt something pushing on the dang auger. Nothing made sense as to what it could be and before I knew it the dang auger flew up in the air followed by a freakin' geyser. As I was running away I saw the water shooting 20' into the air...a solid 8" stream of lake Erie going straight up into the air.

    After about 20 minutes of this, it finally stopped and as I looked I couldn't believe my eyes...The water stopped gushing and I walked toward the hole, there were fish everywhere all over the ice. Perch and smelt by the hundreds a walleye here and there and even a steelhead trout. I walked over and started picking them up and looking at my son I said "Can you believe this?"....

    Then I woke up from after having drunk a 12 pack of bud while watching the pittspuke game and thought to myself....I'd a rather see pittspuke loose than havin' to clean all of them fish anyway :eek: :eek: :D

    I figured it was Heaven either way :D :D
  2. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    2,398 had me there.....ive seen wierd, dangerous stuff happen up there due to the wind pushing water in or blowing it out of the marina there from the main lake. the ice collapsed around the piling once while me and my Dad were there. seems like they like to cruise through right there by that piling.

    ive only ice fished up there a few times but it seems like when the smelt are around, these arent too far behind:

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  3. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    Yeah, I hear ya...I saw about a 3"-4" drop from the docks in the ice pack when me and my son checked it out earlier today...right where you're talking about.
  4. must be another browns fan
  5. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Hey thanks Don! That was great.:D Iwas believing it for a minute too. :D
  6. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    :D...why can't my dreams ever come true :eek: :eek:....I better be careful for what I wish for ;)
  7. I was beliving it too, would be cool to see but would scare the crap out of ya!!!