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  1. I was looking on the internet at the rocky river fishing report and they had a thing about Hinkley lake. One of the pictures showes a new small boat ramp by the boat house. Is this open to the public or is this just for rental boats. I know there is that ramp on the back side of the lake through the creek but you just about have to push your boat into the lake because the creek is all silted in and only about 3 inches deep just before the lake. Also I think I heard you need some sort of free permit to put your boat in.
  2. I went early in the year the boat ramp in question was being built the web site says you need a sticker permit to go their but I can't find one and noone has one not even the boats you can rent. I just walked right up to the boat house parked in the grass and dropped my canoe by hand right off the boat house waved to the lady running it and away I went.

  3. hmm... that would be great if I could drop my boat in there.
  4. Ramp is open for public use.

    A friend of mine had trouble launching his 14' jon boat. The concrete does not go out very far and once you are off the concrete is starts to come back up.

    There arent any fish in that pond anyway! :)
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    The one on the creek channel was bad 3 or 4 years ago. Buried my trailer up to the axles. Spun the truck tire until I hit solid ground to get out. What a waste!
  6. Good Ole Hinkley..that fisherey get's a such a bad wrap...

    But than gain.. i dot remember doing well there ever other than in the creek behind the golf course..

    Thats is a spring fed lake right.....

  7. Thanks for the info guys. A buddy of mine always calls the lake Stinkley :p. Ive had a few really good days on the lake but I haven't fished there in years. Be nice to add that lake into the rotation because it's alot closer that Nimi, Mog, Portage etc. And I can only fish Coe so much.
  8. The new ramp is very bad! As fishin4five stated, it goes back up, so you only have so much room. Prepare to get wet. Some small boats with trailers will fit, but bigger bass boats will not. Was there the other day and we put a hurting on some dinks!!!!!

    HI Jon!!!
  9. I live five minutes from this lake so had to give it a fair shot after reading to the post on the metropark site. Horrible lake, dont waste your time. Very Muddy, overrun with punk kids in boats and I didnt see anything but carp. Fished four times and had three hits from Gills on a floating rappela. Looks like a good lake but I think your time would be better spent elsewhere...
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    I agree...
    No fish in that lake!!!! :mad: ;)
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    Try fishing the river, downstream from the spillway, I've caught tons of largemouth under the bridge and way past that, park at the little rangers station alot of good holes that you can get to from there. Seen some pike and caught alot of bullheads tight lining as well. Rooster tails where always a favorite along with floating rapala's
  12. I second K gonefishin. Rooster tails in the stream. Float a chub or shiner and you may get a surprise.
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    Have had good luck in the swim area.

    You can fish there, just have to wait till after swimming hours are over.

    Agree the new ramp was a wast of money. the whole area needs to be dredged out.

    Is there someone we can complain to on this one?

  14. I grew up in Parma and moved away about 15years ago. I used to go to Hinckley all the time as a child and a teenager. About 5 years ago I talked to someone at the boat house there about the river and boat ramp, absolutely impossible to get down the river to main lake. I think the lake is about 8ft at the deepest point. I was told that the Metroparks who own Hinckley Lake were considering dredging it but they dredged Wallace Lake first and that cost them way more than they expected therefore they are not going to do anything to Hinckley. Sounds to me like it will be a marsh in the future as it eventually will fill in. :(
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    We used to rent a boat and fish there about 15 years ago. We caught numerous crappies but never any big ones. Always did very well on the bass and caught some very nice sized ones. Spinnerbaits and texas rigged worms were the ticket. Sometimes I did not even rent the boat and just walked the paths and would get bass from shore.
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    Hey I'll give you guys a secret, but you gotta keep it on the DL, I mean like really quiet.

    The boat house isn't owned by the metro parks, it's privately ran. And if your really nice, and put on a good smile, if you ask the older gentleman at the counter he'll gladly let you back into the deep water by the floating dock next to where the old public launch used to be. That is of course if his jaguire isn't parked in the way.

  17. what old floating dock? what do you mean? i never heard of a floating dock, and whats the deep part?.......also what area is the nice largemouth in? you said by the bridge? is that the bridge down a few yards away from the swimming area?
  18. you know why the lake sucks.........b.c this guy pulled out a gobey
  19. Here's the scoop on Hinckley Lake and the small boat/canoe launch. The boathosue is leased to an outside party, but the newer ramp next to is FREE for anyone to use. It is called a "small boat/canoe" launch for good reason: it is shallow there and the reason it "comes up" at the end is because some crushed limestone was dumped in the soft muck there. It is completey suitable for any canoe, kayak, or smaller jonboat (to at least 14'). This was not a accident: we chose to make it that way to discourage larger craft on this relatively small, peaceful lake. It suits it's purpose very well and we even got the ODNR's larger, heavier electroshocking boat loaded w/gear in there w/a little pushing.

    As for the lake's largemouth population, the data doesn't lie: there is a thriving population of healthy bass in many size classes. If you're not catching them, it's not due to lack of their presence: you may not be fishing the right times, presentations, or areas of the lake. As a tip, most of the largest bass came from the wooded shorelines on either side of the dam during our July sampling effort.

    Good luck,