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  1. I was curious if anybody has any luck out at Hinkley Lake, Judges or Ledge lakes?
  2. You can search on here for previous posts. Hinckley has good cat fishing, crappie fishing is okay, sometimes you can do alright for bass and carp are back in the shallows across from the boathouse. The problem is it is really hard to get a boat in from the launch ramp, that is unless they have fixed that problem. You can rent boats at the boathouse and they sell bait as well. All three lakes stock trout in the winter and I'm sure some are still left in the lake. Good Luck!


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    What up!!! Do you have wadders, I was thinking of going to RT 82 nad the Rock to see if I can get some trout. PM me and I'll give you my cell or call fishon and get it from him. I was also thinking of going out to Mosqeeto creek lake and renting a boat and doing some jiggin for eye's and some crappie fishin.
  4. I was there a few weeks back. they are piting in a nice looking concrete ramp near the boat house.

    I was trying for trout but got a nice 16" Largemouth and a few small crappie--fishing from shore along the path from boat houst to dam.
  5. I have been to Hinkley the past couple of days, and fishes both the shore and the shore from a boat.....best luck I seem to be having is catching Bass with a jig w/ twister tails.....the only problem is every one of them is 11 1/2 inches!!!!!!!! talk about making an angler sad...
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    there are some nice bass in hinkley but ya have to get out in a BOAT. the shore line cover on that lake is good but ya almost have to be in a boat to fish it.
  7. can you use a float tube at hinkley?