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  1. hows hinckley been laitly?
  2. I was there last sunday and caught a few nice bass. One was a little over 19", got a 15" and two 14" and one dink about 10" or less. It was the first time I'd fished there in about four years. I was actually impressed with the quality of the fish. I was fishing a jig in about 10-12 FOW.

  3. where were you fishing? and about what time?
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    Wow! I've tried the past 2 years and caught diddly...maybe I need to try again this year!
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    I guess ive held on the the secret to long for now so ill give u guys a little tip on hinckley. I live about 5 minutes from there and fished there probably all summer.Heres the catch though...dont fish the lake fish the west branch of the rocky river. The best place to start is state road right before bellus where the big hill is and then at the bottom theres a bridge. Down by the bridge youll see a gravel road to the right(if your going toward bellus) The roads called loop drive. Bring some waders and fish the river as far as you can go in a coupke hours. The water can be shallow in spots but the person who is determined enough will find some NICE holding water throughout the stream. Ive been catching tons of fish down through here and it hardly gets any pressure. Use a in line spinner or go with a fly rod(just try to go under 9 ft,it can get cramped). I caught largemouth in the 17 to 20 inch range, some nice crappies, bluegills and fat smallies. Youll prbly end up catchin quite a few shiners but there fun and get prtty big. Also if ur lucky u might hook into a northern like i did this summer. He wasnt to big about 18 inches maybe but their always a thrill to catch. Goo luck to anyone who goes to try it trust me its worth it.;)