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  1. made it out to hinckley to try for some rainbows. I caught 2 but that will be the last time that i try to fish a lake that was stocked. the people that we fishing we so rude and inconsiderate. Me and my buddy were on a boat fishing along the shore. I caught a fish and there was no one around us for 200 yards and some guy with his wife and 2 kids saw me catch this thing and litterally walked down to where we were and threw in, no joke, 3 feet from our bobbers. I wanted to freak out so bad but the kids were there. they proceded to catch 3 fish right where we were fishing and we caught none. If you read this post by any chance, ur a poor sportsman. way to teach your kids how to respect other sportmen. rediculous. sorry to rant on like this.
  2. Don't apologize for that rant, its definately warranted. I always try to avoid ponds and small lakes that are stocked for that reason. There is also good trout fishing on the Rocky River here in Strongsville. I put on my boots and wade where the other fishermen aren't and tend to do real well.

  3. I went there Sunday....My son (4) lasted about 20 minuites......no fish.

    Place was a zoo, we went for a walk from the boat house to the dam and were supprised by the amount of decent shore spots that were open when you couldn't find 10' of open water near the boat house half of the lake.

    I'm with you on the rant, but in a boat you can easily move on....the shore folk have much less water to fish. Plus those kids probably don't get to fish much, let alone catch a few tasty critters. Not justifying what they did, but trying to change the perspective a little.

    I learned my lesson though, My son will fish the family farm pond and occasionaly Lake Erie. He loves jugging for cats and is spoiled by non-stop gill action at the farm, and has enough going on to entertain himself on the big boat.
  4. oh im not complaining about the amount of shore space bc where i was fishing there was no one within 200 yrds of either side of where i was. im mad that as soon as they saw me pull one out they literally walked those 200 yards through the woods and cast 2 feet from my bobber. i wanted to throw that guy in the lake and the 2 kids were the only reason i didnt. it was rediculous.
  5. I was there Sunday I caught zilch, but it was a zoo definitely. Kids everywhere which is good I guess. I figured everyone was catching trout I went out on my canoe to try it out for this year so I didn't fish too hard I was trying for crappie shoulda bought some shiners for trout I guess. Even fishing from a boat there was little room the spillway shoreline was completely covered as well as with the dock area. I was afraid I'd be stuck on the lake since no one wanted to move to let me load the canoe up. Going to go to Lake Findley next time I wanna go out quick. I just recommended Hinkley to a guy at work to take his young kids fishing though, so conversely Hinkley has its uses.
  6. "where i was fishing there was no one within 200 yrds of either side of where i was."

    I missed that part. I'm with you!!

    First truly nice weekend + a good batch of fresh stocked trout. Who'd have thunk the place would be a zoo.
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    I was out there Saturday morning. I caught two, also. Not too many were being caught at all. I have been out there before and had similar situations like yours. It really burns you, because there is this whole big lake and as soon as someone catches something, people are on you like the midges on Lake Erie. I had a guy last year have one of his kids come over to me and ask me if he could have a couple of my fish. I asked the kid if he ate them and he said "Yes". I said," Good, here are two fish, but don't let your Dad have any". Some people are really ignorant.
  8. Just for amusement you should see Punderson on the day before thanksgiving when they stock the trout. Now I know who keeps zebco and the giant red/white bobber company in business. We actually had to ram people off of the ramp with our trailer to get it in the water to get our boat. NEVER again!
  9. I feel you man. It was crazy I still cant believe how much people dont respect others and let them enjoy their time outdoors. I work 5 days a week in an office and I love every second I get outside. It is called fishing not catching for a reason. Just because you see someone else pull one in does not give you the right to invade that person's space. There is plenty of water in ohio for everyone. Im still amazed by how by how rude people are to others.