Hilton Head

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  1. I will be heading to Hilton Head May 10-17 for a family vacation. Just wondering what kind of surf fishing is going on that time of year?
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Well that time of year should prove to be excellent surf fishing. I typically get to surf fish at Kiawah Island which is a bit north of Hilton Head in early June. However the same fish species should be biting. Sea Trout might still be near the surf or inlets at this time and you can use live shrimp to try and catch them. Bluefish should also be in the surf at this time of year. They are an aggressive fish to catch and can be caught using either live or cut mullet. The flounder fishing might be warming up at this time of year espeacily if the water temps are fairly warm. Ive only caught them using live mullet or mudminnows in inshore inlets or lagoons. They also will eat cut mullet or sometimes hit live shrimp as well. The Redfish should also be in the surf as well. These guys are fun to catch on medium tackle. They always put up a good fight. Catch them using either live mullet or cut mullet. Southern Kingfish should also be available at this time of year. They will eat basically anything but they are still fun to catch. Id suggest using circle hooks though while fishing the surf. Just makes life easier. When you cast out there makesure to cast either beyond the first set of breakers or beyond the second set(aka the sandbars). This will prove to be the best fishing spots because there will be a trough inbetween the sandbars that the fish will typically be cruising in to find food. Also maybe check out pierandsurf.com. That is another fishing site almost exactly like OGF. They helped me out in the past. Any other questions feel free to PM me.