Hilton Head 7/7 7/14

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  1. Started surf fishing Sunday caught a lot of 10''-12'' sharks a few whiting using squid and shrimp, went on a charter Monday with MONERIC charters this guy gave 110% all day we went out and used a casting net and got our bait fish first then we went out and anchored and it was steady 2' to 3' sharks with the rod used for bottom fishing, we had 3 other rods out fishing on top of the water, got 1 mackerel 1 shark about 5' and 50lb and another about 6' and 70 to 75 lb we also got a cobia that we kept 4' and 30lb, We got back to the dock and Eric cleaned the cobia, mackrel and shark and told us about a restaurant that would prepare it for us, we dropped it off and came back that evening for dinner and it was all very good. We surf fished the rest of the week every morning and caught sharks from 12'' up to a 4' about 20 lb, had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to next year . If any body is looking for a good charter try ''MONERIC'' CHARTERS Captain Eric Moore 843 341 0215, he has a 22' Grady White and charged 350.00 and we were out for 5 1/2 hours
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    Awesome!!! That sounds like a my kind of vacation. Thanks for posting:)

  3. What kind of sharks?
  4. Mostly black tip, sand sharks and a few lemmon sharks