Hilliard Dicks

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  1. The Dicks in Hilliard just opened this morning, they have 20% off most fishing tackle coupled with the $10 off a purchase of $25 or more coupon thats in the paper= big savings, then to boot they hand you another $10 off 25 at the register when you leave:)
  2. what paper is that coupon in? is it only good at that location?

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    That was in their ad ( flyer) that was in our Columbus Dispatch. It is good at any Dick's store too.
  4. Also the coupon they give you as you leave is not good until the 27th of this month.
  5. guess i stayed up to late watching the game and then up to early just sat down and was browseing through the title read Hilliard Dicks made me laugh okim goin to go get a nap now
  6. Hindsite being 20/20 I guess I can see what you mean:) ;)
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    Now that's funny- I don't care who you are!:p

    That said, I was disappointed in the new store. Quite smaller than the others, nice gun area though. We'll see how it shapes up when spring gets here. I also ask if they we going to carry any ice gear and he just had that deer in the headlight look:confused: I guess he answered my question.
  8. Dale-What day was the ad in the Dispatch...I couldn't find it. Thanks.

  9. The coupon was in Dicks flyer in yesterdays Dispatch.
  10. Where in Hilliard is this new store ?? I'll be through there tonight & I'd like to check it out ........ save me from diving in that cluster on Sawmill !!

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    its on the west side of rome-hilliard rd pretty much right across the street from gander mnt.
  12. Thanks FLT TUBE , I guess I'll just have to go to both of them ....... Discover card in hand & without momma in tow; this could get expensive !!
  13. SMC-That's the one i looked in...couldn't find it. I guess I'll have to check again. Thanks.

  14. Thats strange...I think it was on the last page of the flyer..I know Sunday Morning they were also handing out the same coupon as you checked out maybe they are still doing it??? thing is it isnt good until the end of this month.
  15. I couldn't even find the flyer!
  16. Im afraid its a waste of time now..I was just over at my Mothers house and she saved the coupon for me and it expired yesterday, I might be in there in the next day or two and I will see if they are still handing out the other ones at the checkout counter.
  17. What a joke. Does DSG really think their fishing dept can compete with Gander? If so, they'll need to run lot more sales...especially after their customers find out a Dick's shopping card only gets you more junk in your mailbox.
  18. It would be nice if gander mountain would do a sale like that cuz the dicks around here really as you say sucks. Since they moved over to the Fairfield mall they are more of a clothing store than anything else. Hail to Cabelas and Gander Mountain.