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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by woody86, Dec 9, 2008.

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    Hey guys I work for The Dicks Sports in Hilliard and I want to know what products I should be pushing for. I know that I will be pushing to get more Tru-tungsten products in our store but what else? Please post what you would like to see in the store and my manager said he will do all that he can to get these products in the store. I need specifics to brand, model, size, color, and style. I will be using this forum as a survey to take to them and show them what the customer wants. If you have any questions hit me up on OGF or I work mostly on weekends at the store so just Come in and ask for Dan in Lodge.
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    Dan, I live around the corner on Renner Rd. I'll stop by and see you this weekend if I can.

  3. I don't think that you cary the strike king zero. You should its a very popular senko style plastic, that is made from a tougher stretchy material. A couple basic dark colors would be fine.

    I know its very hard to stock but a good selection of ice fishing gear is very hard to find in columbus. Especialy if you had things that go beyond the basics that everyone carries like ice scoops, cheap rods, and cheap jigs.

    higher quality jigs like a nice selection of wolfram tungsten jigs, and some good rods from makers like genz sticks, st.croix etc. Also some ice fishing specific line. like fireline micro ice and some 2 and 3lb test mono for ice fishing.
  4. Clayton

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    I'd like to see a larger selection of fly fishing gear, because there is almost none available locally, unless I want to drive to Mad River, which I don't :(

    Also, a larger selection of circle hooks would be nice, they seem impossible to find except a couple sizes of gamakastu. I'd love to try them for catfishing, but without being able to find very many, it's hard.

    Also, some #1 mepps spinners would be sweet... they're deadlier than people believe.
  5. symba

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  6. not a product but something that gander mountain does is they have a dry erase board and give up dates to local places like water temp whats being caught and on what but thats pretty much what gets done on here. What happend to the quest rods and clothing? I have a quest rod that i just love to use with a dicks flueger reel i wantd to get another set up like this but quest has disapered from dicks
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    Better service and Ice Fishing Stuff Please.
  8. Dan, forgot to tell you on the phone, but if I recall correctly Dick's only carries Trilene Flourocarbon. If you could push for P-line, or the new Stren 100% Flourocarbon lines that would be awesome.

    You know everything else I want!
  9. RareVos

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    I will go into Dick's because it is the only place in town I can get the Owner finesse ball head jigs with offset. Only Product like it I have seen... it is the only way I will fish grubs. I would like to see these in the 2/0 size. I would like to see some more Owner hooks on the pegs in 2/0 to 5/0 sizes, J light, cutting point, and . I would also like to see some of the other Yamamoto offerings... tubes, Fat Ikas, Grubs, Craws. WAR EAGLE spinnerbaits.
  10. fishintechnician

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    more crappie baits! but specifically the wooly beaver tail in 3" and more 3" twister tails
  11. The only thing I can think of is a little bigger selection of baitcasters, ie. shimano, abu's,etc. The deals you can get at Dick's is much better than anywhere else around here using coupons in the mail and reward points. I would definately purchase my higher end reels there if you carried them. Not too worried about it though as I'm sure spring will bring more selection.
  12. Do they carry Venom products there? I know some stores will carry their tubes but I'd like to see a little more selection from Venom. How about some Jackall Lures? I'm a big fan of their Flick Shake worms and wacky jig heads.
  13. Welsh Dragon

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    It would be cool if you could keep us up to date on any big sales that are coming up, good coupons, ect. I always go to Dicks as they seem to have most of what I need. The board with local water updates is a great idea.

    A big sale on Canoes and Kayaks would be good too.
  14. more colors of cotton cordell's walley diver would be sweet.
  15. How about a good selection of Lake Erie equip? Reef Runners(in all the hot colors), trolling spoons(not Stingers), HEAVY bottom bouncers, dipsy divers, and jet divers. It would be nice to get the supplies you need at home, rather than shopping at the bait stores at the lake, and not finding what you need.
  16. crittergitter

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    If you just brought back all the cool stuff that Galyans had I would be more inclined to go there.
  17. Renegade Angler

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    I need 1/8 oz. inline spinners from lands end I believe thats who makes them also they need to be neon green with black dots on them.I use them for smallmouth in darby and they eat them things up.By the way i live on renner aswell and visit there quite frequently.
  18. ErieAngler

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    Right on! I second the reef runners - deep divers and deep rip sticks. Renosky hard baits. Spoons - michigan stingers, wolverine, etc. A good assortment of trolling equipment like dipsy divers (size 0's and 1's), jet divers (size 30's and 40's), dipsy shock cords, lur jensen make all of those. Offshore in-line planner boards. Good trolling rods. Better selection of Erie Dearie colors.

    I could go on and on. I would drive definately drive to Hilliard if it had such equipment.
  19. RareVos

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    Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner!!!
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    Dan, All the other input above is great and Rarevos ditto'd Critters post before I could.
    I can tell you one thing that can really help turn a profit in the fishing dept. is put in a small steelhead section. There is no store in central Ohio that I know of that carries noodle rods, line selections, jigs etc.
    If it's any indication Fishermans Warehouse had several noodles and they were all gone in a week back in Oct.
    There are quite a few from this area that head up to Erie and I'm not sure about everyone else but I have to plan my next trip when I'm up there as far as getting gear for next trip. Can't go to the store before fishing as it's usually 4:00AM.
    Just my thoughts, Good Luck!