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high speed baitcast reels?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by basshateme01, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Fished the TNT championship tourny this weekend and lost 9 fish at O'shan because they were swimin so fast under the boat, and I coundn't keep up with them :mad: . I have either a 6.2 or 6.3:1 Quantum Accurist PT, and this aint hardly ever happened to me, maybe once or twince. Is there any reels that are higher than this that you guys are willin to tell me about :eek: . I found 1 on Diawa procaster something or other, it was 7.1:1 with a 31" line recovery, is this a good reel or what.
    Dad had to bail me out and he caught 3, I think we finished 19th b/c of the blank at Alum the next day
  2. maumeemoon

    maumeemoon Just one more cast...

    As far as I am aware the Daiwa Procaster has the fastest retrieve out there. There might be others, but I use more spinning and trolling gear than baitcasters. I cannot comment on the current procaster model, it has changed, on the exterior at least, since it's inception. I used to own an early model procaster with the metal frame and 7.1:1. This was a very good reel that stood up to alot of abuse, mostly used fishing for smallmouth. Unfortunately I do not have it any longer. It was stolen from my truck one afternoon while I was out fishing the river with my ABU. I used that reel for @ three years and never had an issue once. Not much information, but I hope it helps.