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  1. Not hearing alot about high school football, how's everyones school going to be this year? My Alma mater, St Marys Memorial made it to the state championship game last year, and my new adopted home Hilliard Davidson made it to the playoffs. St Mays is looking good again this year, and Davidson did not loose a bunch of players. Should be a good year again.
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    I think Dover is going to be good, but we play Massilon tomorrow.

  3. Hard to believe it's that time of year already. I'll be shooting hi-lites tonight at the Jackson/Cuyahoga Falls game. I played at CF waaaaay back in '81/'82.

    Football, cool nights, heck before you know it... ICE FISHING!!! YESSSSSS!!!!
  4. My alma mater St. Ignatius all the way baby!!!! Played two varsity games as a sophomore as a DB, and I tore the knee up real bad in a game so I couldnt play anymore. MAn that sucked!!! It was so hard to watch a game knowing I'd never play again. But those HS days were good times for sure!!!
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    Jackson High alumni 93' GO Polar Bears!!!!!!!
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    jackson won 24-0 CF sucks! go Norf High!
  7. Well the alma mater is Kenmore High. Graduated in '90 and took them to the city series playoffs for the first time in 15 yrs. They got pounded by Barberton last night 48-15 or something like that.
    Now for the team I have been watching for the past 2 yrs, watch out again for Copley and my protege, Delone Carter. He had 139 yards on 17 carries last night and scored all 4 touchdowns. Defense looked awesome as well and that is supposed to be their weak link. It's gonna be another exciting year in the Suburban League as Tallmadge looks strong too.