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High School Football

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Anyone catch any good football games over the weekend? I went to the Westfall Teays Valley game, Westfall came out on top 26-13. Pretty close game in the first half but Westfall pulled it out in the end. They play Logan Elm this week. Nothing like friday night lights! There is a book called Friday Night Lights about high school football in Texas, we think its big in Ohio but its pee-wee football compared to Texas. Great book check it out if you like high school football.
  2. Basskisser1

    Basskisser1 And A Kiss For Good Luck!

    Go Westfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :d

  3. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    Hey Twistertail! Being a former alumni, I can't beleive you think Westfall just pulled it out. QB Bart threw for 374 yards and the Mustangs ran 76 plays to TV's 37 and totally outgained them by over 250 yards. If a mistake or two wasn't made, the game would have been something like 40 to 13. Three plays are all TV could muster. Let us hope we can continue against the Braves this week.
  4. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    Hey Polesnatcher: I will agree to be a Tiger fan at least eight weeks of the season. The only exception is when the play the Vikings and the Mustangs. Good bunch of guys running the Oville program. Good luck....most of the time. I hope they go seven and three. I would have said 8 and 2, but week one is..... well, lets just leave that alone.
  5. I think they looked good but I believe there was 3 turnovers, if T.V. could have took advantage of them it could have been bad. The defense looked great, just gave up one or two big plays but that will happen. The offense could have put more points on the board but it was the first game and new style offense for them. I didnt mean that they "just pulled it out" but it could have been a real blowout for them. I'm probably being a little hard on them because I dont like that spread offense, I like the straight up the gut grind it out kinda football. It worked for them and they won so I shouldnt complain but its just different to watch and I'm not used to it.
  6. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    I know what you mean. Being a former lineman, I kind of like that smashmouth type game, but when you don't have very many kids who can fill out a jersey with a 70's number and you have a strong-armed senior QB and a lot of receivers, well, you go with what you think you can do best. I know this differs from what Mustang fans and even Coach Bart are used to, but whatever works.
  7. I agree with ya and those recievers made some great catches. I think the o-line did a great job considering TV was bringing the heat about every play. There are some big boys across that front. With a little fine tuning they will be a scoring machine, 40 or 50 points a game. I gotta say that fullback, I think it was 23, did a great job picking up blitzing linebackers. I hope to see number 66 on the field a little more this week, he is the 3rd Hegarty to wear that number.;) I will be there for sure this week, I only live about 10 minutes away from Logan Elm.
  8. Hey Snatch, I'm a Tiger fan except when they play Westfall. I played for Downing when he was at Westfall.
  9. catking

    catking Banned

    Division 1 defending champs Elder from Cincinnati, played #7 in the nation Colerain of Cincinnati. Colerain stomped the champs , and set up yet another run for the State championship to come out of Cincinnati ;) Where's that freakin Kindlebeard NOW :cool: .DA KING !!!
  10. Too bad Xavier(a Cincy area team) got crushed by Ed's(a NEO team). :cool: :rolleyes:
  11. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    keep an eye on those braves,they just might fool some people this year(i hope!!!).that mcguire kid looks like a pretty good running back.
  12. I'm shooting 3 games this week...

    Woodridge @ CVCA

    Parma Padua @ Walsh Jesuit

    Wadsworth @ Cuyahoga Falls

    Highlites on PAX 23 news at 10pm and WKYC TV 3 at 11pm.

  13. I sorta miss filming HS football games. Pretty much the only part of the job that I miss, besides for all the kids beating on the sides of our van