High Price to Pay!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by true2plue, May 27, 2008.

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    :eek: Listened to WTAM this morning on the way to work, Wills was telling a story about a man that was filling his boat with 100 gallons of gasoline. When he checked the gauge, it was at the same position before he started pumping. Thats when he realized that he pumped all 100 gallons in his rod holder.:eek: They ended up having to call the Hazmat team to clean up the mess. Sure would be a hard one to explain to the old lady!!:p
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    they should take his boat to help cover the clean up cost. if you cant tell the rod holder from the fuel cap you sure dont need to be on the water.
  4. hahaha...that is about the dumbs thing ever......talk about a expensive fishing trip!!!


    must of been another real smart person sounds like the same thing that happened on another thread here on ogf not 2 long ago
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    Thats a big goofer there!! :S
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    figures.... next he would by tying up a ramp trying to start his boat while the tank was on empty,
  8. I am sorry I just can't believe this one.
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    This guy would be a great argument for birth control.
  10. Saw this exact thing at Ludington last summer at a Wesco station.

    I pulled in to pick up ice and beer for the day and noticed the strong smell of gas. I walked in the store and there was one guy standing there waiting to pay...

    "Go ahead...my buddy is filling up the boat..."

    "ok bro...but I think he's filling up the boat...but not in the gas tank.."

    Yeah...Hazmat was called.
  11. Man makes mistake, news at 11:00. Glad I'm perfect.
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  13. I am glad he is 1000 miles from me. He's not too bright I don't care what anybody says. I have yet to see a rod holder with a screw on plug labelled "gas".
    Better yet wouldn't he be concerned that his "fuel fill " did not have a screw on plug?? Maybe he pulled out the white T-shirt that was stuffed in the rod holder and pumped away. (sorry George)
  14. ...mushroomman....good thing he wasn't smoken something...headlines would read marina goes up in smoke.....
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    Last trip on erie, my step dad tried to fill the fresh water tank/bilge thing with gas. It was sorta funny watching the "crew" drain the bilge of gas.
    Yes the caps were labeled, unfortunately the caps were right next to each other and exactly the same.