High mileage Toyota Tundra!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PatSea, Sep 14, 2008.

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    I have been wanting to buy a used pickup just to have one available when I need to haul materials or equipment for the odd jobs around the house. I would not need it for daily use, and figure I would drive it less than 10,000 miles per year.
    I now have the opportunity to buy a 2002 Tundra 4WD extended cab from my son-in law. He's buying a new '08 Tundra as he needs this type vehicle for his job as a saleman. It's in good condition, but needs new tires. Here's the kicker - it has 215,000 miles on it. They are mostly highway miles, and I know he took good care of it since he bought it new. It has a cap on it and a factory hitch. He will sell it to me for $5000.
    I would buy it in a minute except for the fact that it has so many miles on it! I also know that Toyota builds a very good, reliable product. I've never owned their truck but I bought a new Camry and drove it with high miles and it was the best car I ever owned.
    What do you guys think? Should I consider this deal any further?
    What kind of mileage should I expect? Just interested in your general thoughts on this, and specifically the high mileage.
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    i know toyotas will run, but i would not myself buy any vehicle with over 200,000 miles. whats good condition? whats been replaced on it. I think any vehicle with that many miles will need a lots of repairs/replacements to continue running. theres lots of good small trucks out there for 5 grand. offer him 2,000.00

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    With that many miles in so few years, you're going to have to start replacing stuff real soon. Highway miles are still miles. Offer him 3K and take it. Gonna have to put 15 hundred in tires on it anyway.
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    Buying a car from a family member carries the possibility of a lot of problems.
  5. As long as you know it has been well taken care of, it sounds like a pretty decent deal. I've seen many Toyota's that the body is rusted almost off and they still run. As far as price goes..... I would offer him $3,000 and then meet him in the middle somewhere. From what I could tell, without all the details, the truck is valued right around $6500. Here is a link to Kelley Blue Book if you want to check it for yourself with all the specifics.

  6. I think buying or selling to a friend or a relative is a bad Idea,,many times it leads to trouble when it falls a part
  7. I do agree when it comes to selling a vehicle. The buyer is the only one that will cause problems when it falls apart. If you know what you are buying and realize that whatever happens with it in the future is not the sellers fault then you should be fine. Just remember you can not hold the seller responsible for future problems whether they are a friend, relative, or complete stranger.

    I bought my current truck off of a very good friend and he bought it off another of our friends. Have never had any problems due to this. Mentioned an existing problem to him shortly after purchase and we agreed on an adjusted price however I did not require this simply asked if it was possible. On the upside, I am able to always ask "have you had this problem before" or "has this part been replaced and if so, do you remember when". Has helped me with routine maintenance and knowing whether to spend extra money in preventative maint. while repairing other problems.
  8. two generl thoughs . one don;t buy/sell to relatives friends . you WILL make a enemy, its just happens . part of nature . two its worn out . good care is how it got 200k on it , now its time to recycle it.
  9. Just keep one thing in mind,this is what I was told when going to manufacturers school.All cars r designed to make It 150,000 miles.Good luck;)
  10. May get that truck and get a few good years out of it, or you may throw money at repairs and still loose your tail when it dies. I just bought one (97 gmc 2500 4x4 198,000) but paid less than scrap value hoping to get a year of use and/or flip it for some extra cash.

    As for a fair price, I'd look up wholesale value and look to spend that or less and presume you will have some minor to semi-major repairs in the near future.

    If you go in as a pessimist, planning for some additional costs, you may be happy, if you go in as an optimist you will surely be let down.
  11. Sell your vehilcles at Kelly's value & buy 'em at NADA. Words of advise from a friend who owns a used car lot.
  12. if a high mileage car is well maintained why won't it last? i drive an 1988 chevy beretta with 200,000 miles 2.8 V6 engine. i bought it for 500.00 bucks 4 years ago from my uncle who bought it brand new. its always had regular maintence according to the GM service schedule.since i have bought it i have maybe put 300.00 in it besides oil changes and brake pads .it cost 16.25/month for insurance. i pack it down with camping gear and firewood almost every weekend. sure the clearcoat is all peeled off. headliner sags. but every moring it starts evry time and never has left me stranded.a used car is only as good as the owner who owned it before you.CARFAX!!!!!!!
  13. Man i would pass on that!! That is alot of miles on a gas motor...He might of taking care of it but still.. Now if it was a diesel with that many miles it would be a different story. but thats my 2 cents.
  14. I do not care if it is a gas or DIESEL that is alot of miles for a Passenger car or light truck. Light duty diesels still end up with worn out front ends and everything non drive train.

    As for the valuse of a vehicle with extremely high miles. Take ROUGH BOOK, then take off at least 25% if not half.
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    Like others have said if it goes south even if it was a "steal" when you got it, in the long run it may not be worth it.
    How about another option, depending on what you have now buy a used trailer that you can carry sheet material, lawn mowers or whatever your needs and put a hitch on your current ride, or since he is getting a new one maybe he can help you pull a trailer now and then when you need to (as well as borrow it in trade if he needs it). If your not going to be driving it much or often I would think with the wear n tear of the high milage factor will be more of an issue with being parked for extended times after you buy it, then when you do need it issues will come up with it at the worst time when you are trying to use it for other projects.
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    Your car is an 88, this one is a 2002. Yours has 10K a year average, his has almost 3 times that per year. Just something to consider when you make a statement like that. You didn't say if you'd buy this truck. If you NEEDED a truck, would you invest in this one?
  17. I wouldnt hesitatate I usually buy my trucks (chevy) with 150 to 200 thousand on the clock and double the miles in three or four years and sell them for almost what I paid for them.
  18. Toyota trucks are great. High mileage like that dosent necessarily mean the truck isnt a good buy but ANY vehicle with mileage like that will start nickel and diming you to death. The truck may not be worn out but many of the parts on it are well worn. It could be a great truck and last you for years or it could run great for a hundred miles and then take a dump real quick , hard to tell with high mileage vehicles. 5,000 seems really high though , I would buy it for 3,000 or possible 3,500..... but five thousand can get you a better truck with less mileage.
  19. I would not pay 5,000 for it but I would have it looked at by a garage
    and make sure it is sound. anything could happen to any car or truck at any time remember you buying it as is so don't get po'd if something happens.
    I would look around with these economic times there are plenty of trucks out there. thats my 2 cents worth...