Hidden Valley Lake in SE Indiana

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    I moved to Hidden Valley Lake in July and really like it here. I just bought a 1994 basstracker TX18 and can't wait to use it next year alot. I was wondering would anyone be interested in being my partner in some of Hiddn Valleys bass tournaments for next year? I'm by no means a pro but would like to get in on a few and see what happens. I'll supply the boat, gas and food and drinks. Only thing I ask is I think entry fees are like $30-$50 somewhere around there maybe we can split the entry fees. Let me know if anyone is interested. My name is Paul and I'm 39 years old so I don't have a problem with age as long you guys like to just have fun and fish.
  2. i have fished hidden valley before, lots of fish in that lake, but i didnt know they had tourny's, if your ever looking for someone for a tourny there send me a pm ahead of time i'd like to fish a few there

  3. The bass tourneys are done for the year so I'm looking for a partner for next. It will be alot of fun I think.
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    I live on the lake many years ago and the fishing was pretty good back then. We used to hit em with the fly rod with mice patterns, the bass loved em. There is some real good crappie fishing there as well. It has been a long time so not sure the conditions there now but I would think still pretty good. By the way Riverking is a young guy but is an excellent fisherman with a vast amount of knowledge. He is a conventional angler as well as fly fisherman and would have alot to offer and make a good partner. This kid is fishing all over the place 24-7. Don't let his age fool you he is top notch. He has been guiding and hangin out at the shop for awhile now and is highly reguarded by his clients. S
  5. Good deal. Sounds like he's got some great references.