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  1. ....Opened up My AOL to go on OGF !!! Headlines on opening page 8 HIDDEN TAXES PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT.....Scrolled thru it and this is what I found......Tax No.5 ... A fishing enthusiast pays 10%of the sales price on Sport-Fishing equipment in taxes....That's enough to make you switch to another sport, naybe archery? But wait an archer pays 40 cents taxes per arrow, and quivers are taxed at 11%! ....If you buy a shotgun or other firearm, you'll pay 11% of the sale price in federal tax on the gun as well as any ammunition.....Handguns are taxed at 10% of the sale price. This is a quote from AOL not me.....SORRY.....I'll still be out there Fishing.....
    :mad: GOOD FISHING GUYS:mad:
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    Those taxes are put back into the fish and wildlife restoration. They are the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 for hunting. And the Dingle-Johnson Act of 1950 to restore sportfishing. Those taxes support a lot of things that ODNR does. ODNR is totally self funded. Without them license and tag fees would be higher, or the Ohio taxpayers would be paying the brunt for conservation.

  3. ....Toxic I'll have to take your word for it ...If that is where it is going..I couldn't be any more happy at least it is comming back to us in one way or another....Thank You ...
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    Well done Toxic......those taxes have been around a long time..... only thing us average guys can hope for is, that they spend it wisely....... and hopefuly they can keep any of it from just running over to the "general fund"......PS. they were always labeled as the "hidden taxes" and a big % of people did not even know they existed, until something directed their attention into seeing it....Jon Sr.
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    you can take my word for it too:D
    i know there are still many people who don't realize those taxes are there,but as toxic said,they've been there for years.kinda like federal excise taxes on cars,tires,etc.
    people just don't think about it cause they're included in the cost and not added on at the end like other taxes.
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    Yep. Buy a tackle box and pay the tax. Buy a "toolbox" that is exactly the same thing and don't pay the tax.

    Same with your gas. Buy the gas on the water...pay the tax. Buy it on land and pay a different tax.
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    Dingle-Johnson Act, Not sure about you guys but this might be one of the more funny law/policy names I have heard. May have been better if it were the Dingle-Berry Act, but Johnson works too.

    As for the "hidden" tax it's hardly "hidden" just because people do not take the effort to look it up does not make it hidden, just not commonly known. Hidden makes it out like something is using effort to conceal it.
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    hidden.......................................as in not visible in the retail price you see on the sticker.not visible on receipts,not visible in advertisement = concealed,whether intentional or not.
    and if people don't know about it in the first place,why on earth would they look it up?and if they didn't know about it,how would they know what to look up in the first place:confused: :D
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    not really hidden. just like all the tax put on other things by the government to get revenue. like gas ,cigarettes,beer wine and any other imported items.iyou would be amazed if you added up all the tax you pay out of your paycheck and the money you spend each week. and even the lottery too.
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    no i wouldn't:D
    i already know about those "hidden" taxes and it makes my blood pressure rise much more than amazing me:D ;)
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    I have no problem paying tax on my fishing equipment if it supports the sport I love. Just like my fishing license, we need to support what we stand for. The misuse is the thing that really hurts.

    I better shut up. I bet I just threw a few key words out for the IRS to flag me on!
  13. Remember when we as kids ( us older folks ) used to study in history. The serf and noble system whereas the serf did all the work but at the end of the year the lord ( king , earl ,duke etc. ) took 50% for his protection. Then right after our civil war the term sharecropping became prevalent. Where labor was furnished by the tenant farmer and the owner got his 50%.

    Remember thinking how unfair those systems were. Well do not add up all the taxes you are paying now. As the sportscaster used to say " Whoa Nelly "
  14. I will pay those taxes to support fish and other wildlife. But I also think the general public needs to chip in. As fisherman and hunters are not the only ones to enjoy our state lakes and parks.
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    When I look at the long term benefits, I really don't mind, as long as the money does go back to the intended reason. It's like fishing license, I hear people moan and groan about the price, but they only go 4-5 times a year. I figgur I spend 40-50 cents a fishing trip...not too bad... But I, like a lot of others did not know about this camo'ed tax! Learn somethin' new every day!
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    Did anyone else think that Acts name was funny?
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    It is a funny name. But it was the two lawmakers last name who introduced the bill to legislation. :eek: