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hi im new and was looking for some info

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by falleneagle, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. hi ever one im new and would maby like some info need info on laketrout? when they run what to use for bait and what kind of rod?? that kind of stuff. so like what setup to them do i haft to have.
  2. Hi Falleneagle! Welcome to the site. I am sure you will find it a great spot for fishing info.

    First of all I don't know anything about fishing lake trout since they are not in any of the waters that I fish. If you can post the location that you will be fishing chances are some guys on here will be able to provide some answers. In fact if you are headed to a specific body of water that is located ou tof state there is even a forum for asking these same types of questions. You can just reply on here this time as to where you will be fishing. I just mentioned the other forum for you in the future so that you find the most appropriate area.

    Good luck to you! If you come back with pics be sure to post them on the site. We are always looking forward to some nice fishing photos.

  3. well i live in canada. N.S
  4. I am not sure what the N.S. stands for?

    Also, I am not trying to run you off of the OGF site here because we welcome fishermen from everywhere. But I have another site suggestion that may help you answer your questions more specifically to where you are fishing. There is an Ontario Fishing Net that is a similar type forum to this. Hopefully you are in Ontario and if so the folks on the site above should be able to provide some good info. I use the site to research prior to making my trips to Ontario.

    I hope this helps.
  5. By the way the fishing forum on their site is down the screen a ways (scroll) on the left side. It will be listed as Ontario Fishing Message Board.
  6. I've caught lakers out of the Niagra River in Lake Ontario trolling spoons and using a rig they call cow bells. There may be some others here who have more info on them, but when I caught them, I was on a charter.

    Welcome to OGF and I hope this helps you out. Good luck on the lakers!
  7. N.S....
    Nova Scotia??? Just a possibility maybe....
    Lakers...I have no idea, never fished for them...but good luck regardless.