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  1. And want to learn all I can about Ohio Steelhead opportunities. I primarily fish steel with the flyrod; and only fish for Smallies with my flyrod. I've been fishing PA regularly for the last 5 years; and haven't fished steel at all here in MI for about the same amount of time. Why you ask? PA is closer for me then our prime west side streams, and has a lot more fish. I live in Monroe, just north of Toledo, so streams like the V and the Rocky are doable as day trips. PA is a bit of a stretch for day tripping, not that I haven't done it once or twice...LOL Any and all helpful information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome Dan! It seem you already know the V. The Huron will still steelheads and a few stray salmons and hardly get pressure but nowaday it a hit or miss.I am living WV but will come back home someday when the economy gets better.

  3. The V is... I've only fished it once last fall. River was very low, with few fish to be seen. That's the type information I'm trying to learn, good flow rates for fishing; flow rates to tell me fish elsewhere etc...The other thing I'd like to find is some good reliable contacts for conditions, hate the shops that tell you everything is great come on down, when the river is in flood stage...lol

  4. Dan, check out the USGS site I think the site is (www.usgs.gov) I think that's what it is. I'm having trouble accessing it tonight for some reason.
    The V fishes best at 200 cfs or less, give or take a little. Hope this helps you out some.