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Hi Guys -need your help re: small boat

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by stephsgotbait, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. I was raised using canoes and row boats, and have always wanted one myself. I just started fishing this summer and love it. So, now I'd like to get a small boat from which I can fish. I'd like something small and lightweight, that can be carried to the bank (up to 150 lbs?). Something wider than a canoe, but still carryable (dinghy or jon boat perhaps?). Another thing I would LOVE is to get a craft that can be carried on top of a car roof (rather than pulling it with a trailer). Does such a small craft exist? I don't want an inflatable dinghy, thanks - something stronger than that. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Stephanie
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    sounds like you need a small jon boat.depending on where you're going to use it,type of motor,if any and whether you're fishing with a partner,there are many available.
    cosideration has to be made for those things before making a decision.some 10 to 12 footers weigh less than 100 pounds and are good cartoppers,but are better suited for one person(or 2 small people)and electric motor.width is another conseration for stability.the smaller ones are 30-32 inches wide(bottom).some are 36 inches which gives a little more stability and weight capacity,and will be heavier.

  3. Hi and thanks for the response. I should specify that I'd like it to be for 2-3 people and be able to put on a trolling motor. I prefer seats to benches if possible and I'd rather sit lower in the boat than up on top like those bass fishing boats. Can the jon boats be attached to the roof of a car? Can fold-down seats (with backs) be added? Thanks so much for your help! Steph
  4. misfit

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    you can get racks to mount on the car for for a 3 person boat,plenty of jons will handle that,but you're getting into bigger and heavier ones.all jons have bench seats,but you can get brackets to mount seats.with some looking,you may find something used that is close to what you're looking for,and several makers have different models from about $500-$1000 or so.
  5. SOUNDS AS IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A TRAILERABLE UNIT...LOTS OF THINGS TO LOOK AT!!! weight,capacity etc'...sounds like you want lightweight but loaded!!! LOL!!:D look into what you need AND can afford...then get the next most expensive version!!!:D if you are like me then you will continue to upgrade till the fat lady sings!!!LOL!!:D
  6. Well, eventually I'll upgrade to a trailer-able boat for sure. But right now I just want to know if I can get ANY boat other than a canoe or kayak on top of my car. I don't mind if it's only 8 feet, I don't need anything big. Just big enough for two people. And that's a great idea about getting the seats that you can attach/detach to the benches, so that's not a big deal. They can sit in the car seat till we get to the lake. And same for a little motor that can be clamped on... I don't need it loaded... :). Can a jon boat, row boat or similar dinghy fit on a car roof? I've been looking at roof racks and can only find them for canoes and kayaks. Any specific suggestions? Price isn't an issue. Just the portability of car topping it and carrying it to the water bank, and seats 2 people fishing. Thanks very much.
  7. misfit

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    check this's just one of many that should suit your needs.will handle 2 people(unless their as heavy as me,LOL).great for a electric trolling motor or small outboard.gander sells them,but there are other brands similar such as lowe and will cartop can find carriers with no problem.
  8. Misfit, thanks for the link. I was looking at the Bass Hound 9.4, which is heavier than your recommended jon boat (150lbs vs 100lbs).

    However, the Bass Hound is shorter. So is there any chance that the Bass Hound can fit on a car roof? What makes the jon boat easier to car top? Because it is flatter (obviously being lighter is easier)? Sorry to sound stupid but I'm trying to figure out what makes one boat easier to car top than the other. Also, can a row boat be put on a car roof? Thanks again, your help is really appreciated.
  9. misfit

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    weight and configuration make the jon easier to for a rowboat,a jon is a rowboat;)
    but you're probably picturing a v-bottom,which would be heavier also.there is one other option,which is a little different and more portable.i've seen one on the water but don't have any experience with them.
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  11. Yeah, I guess a jon boat is a row boat. But you're right, I was picturing a row boat as the kind I grew up on, with the v bottom. Can I use a canoe roof rack with the jon boat? Or just a regular car rack and tie the heck out of the jon boat? And what is the other option you mentioned? Thanks a bunch. I want a boat!!!! :)
  12. Oh yes, I did see the folding boat. It makes me a little leary that the advertising looks like it is from 1971... :) It is very intruiging but I'm not sure if I can convince my fishing buddy to get in it!
  13. misfit

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    regular cartop racks should work.that portable is fairly new.from what i've seen they're pretty seaworthy,but not my bag,LOL.
    that coleman crawdad is a great little boat if you can find one.i'd take it over the smaller aluminum jon.
  14. the only thing id be worried about tieing something down of this size to the roof is:

    1. saftey, kayaks or canoes are no problem on top of a car/van but putting a jon boat or such on top of a vehicle could rise up some questions from the police officer, id def check local and state laws.

    2. kayaks and canoes are considerably lighter than john boats and such so the next question would be could the body sustain that much weight to pressure from driving down the road without adverse affects to body panels and structural integrity especially if u get on the highway, considering winds and all that def wouldnt want to see ya get into an accident.

    3. u could always get a small lawn trailer and get a bass hound or similiar type of boat and easily carry everything the boat,equipment and such with a trailer that small, and not have to worry about law problems or worse. u can always find an 8 foot lawn trailer for dirt cheap that even a small car can toe.

    just some things to think about.
  15. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i hauled jon boats on top of my van,car for years.hauled heavier boats also.the lightweight is no problem and there ceratainly are no legal isses with it kayak,canoe,jon boat or you pet pig,if it's tied down properly and your vehicle can support the weight,there's no problem.
  16. I had a 12 foot v bottom sea nymph called a car topper. It weighed about 140-160lbs. I used to tote it on several of my vehicles. Froma station wagon to a minivan and pickup. One tie-down to the front bumper, one to the rear and one across the bottom to whatever roof rack or 2x4 I had on the roof. My minivan had no rack so i had 2 2x4s cut 10 inches longer than my boat was wide and stapled used carpet on them so it wouldn't damage the roof. Worked out great. Used my anchor lines for tiedowns front and rear and a ratchet strap across the middle. When I used the 2 2x4s I used 2 straps across the middle. Don't want a board up there not attached to anything.

    Good luck with your search.

  17. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the excellent suggestions, you guys are awesome. I checked my auto guide and I can only carry 100 lbs on my roof...sheesh. So, that narrows my focus down to VERY LIGHT boats. I've only found a couple that meet that weight requirement.

    In a few years I'll get a bigger car that can handle more weight. But for now, less is more I guess. :) A few boats I saw are about 110 lbs dry, so I think I could get away with that? It's good to know I won't break any laws, but I'll check with highway safety just to be sure. I don't plan on taking my little whatever-I-get boat on trips more than an hour away, so no long highway drives. I've called my dealership to see what is the best roof rack they can install. Any additional suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Or if any of you have a tiny boat for sale, let me know! Thanks a bunch. :)