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Hey trout guys?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrm123, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. I'm taking my niece(7) and my nephew(5) to Pearson park this Sat for the youth only trout fishing. I've tried this before without the kids with no luck, what is the best way to catch them little suckers? I do'nt want to let the kids down and make uncle Mike look bad :p Wheres COOLWATER when I need him?
  2. Try Power Bait fished on the bottom or try casting small gold spoons. Both have worked for me on the ones that are stocked in the county ponds here in Medina. Good luck!

  3. bassn317

    bassn317 Casual Fisherman

    My son nails his daily limit when they stock silver Creek using 2 or 3 waxworms on a hook.
  4. The orange powerbait under a small bobber has worked there for me in the past. Small roostertails also produce some fish. That area around the bridge with all the timber is a good place to start if you can get in there. By the way get the powerbait that is preformed it stays on the hook better.
  5. I've allways done well with nubs of night crawler under a bobber.

    I think it looks like hatchery food.

  6. I've tried wax worms,powerbait,crickets. I'm gonna try the same with some diffrent stuff, velveta cheese for one and corn for the other. any more help greatly appreciated, I want to at least have them each catch one, we will be doing the C&R for all the fish big or small.
  7. shiners or mepps. I've never seen the powerbait stuff even compare to them. i got a limit in under a half hour there last year a week after they were stocked using shiners. Mepps work great too but for little kids the contant casting probablly won't appeal to them.
  8. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    try panther martins or roosters tails with an ultra light rod/reel and 4lb test fireline
    its a blast!!
  9. Shiners work great, also did really well with cocktail shrimp on the bottom with a small hook. :D
  10. Fish like you would crappies. Small tails that are bright. If all else fails throw on a piece of corn under a bobber.
  11. canned corn works good, also have used minature marshmellows.
  12. and people say carp and catfish will eat anything
  13. Hi mrm123,

    Is the trout fishing at Pearson going to be good this weekend 4/9? or are the trouts all fished out? What bait did you use?
  14. me and my buddies took out girlfriends there last sunday and slaughtered them, took mabye 20 minutes for everyone to get a limit, on mepps or jigs. I went back on monday and nothing, but it was right before work so i couldn't stay very long. i tried to upload the pics but it won't work for some reason.
  15. Once again congrats on the catch, I never went Sat due to the weather, in yesterdays paper there was a picture of a DAD and his 2 kids all bundled up in coats and rain gear last wknd. No thanks.
  16. Which part of the pond will be a better spot to fish from?
  17. the last two years i've gotton them at the very left hand side of the pond in the small little circular lagoon. If you pull in the first parking lot and walk all the way to the left. like i said, i got skunked the other day and fishind most of my time there so i nca't promise anything, especially after a week. i believe they are doing dedlta ras this weekend too and the crowds there should be much smaller than what pearson receives.
  18. Thanks for all the info. I am bringing my 4 year old son to fish on Saturday. Do you all think it will be a waste of time and lots of frustration to fish at Pearson early afternoon?
  19. man i gotta re read my posts before i submit them, i swear i know how to spell and am not a drunk. my typos were terrible. I'm not sure it would be a waste of time, anytime fishing with the son would be great but i couldn't tell you if you'll catch any fish. I fished there last year a week after the stocking and did well using shiners. My buddy went over there the other day and had only one on that got off so it sounds like the fishing is pretty slow.
  20. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Sorry I have been gone from the site for awhile, just real life stress. So how did it go for ya? I may have missed if u posted a follow up on how u did. Check your PM's as I would love to meet up with ya at Olander later this month after the stocking.