hey! the creeks are down!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by chrsvic, May 15, 2008.

  1. chrsvic

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    I noticed on my drive home the creeks have cleared up quite a bit. Hopefully they stay that way til sat a.m., we're supposed to get even more rain after that.

    I spent my last few dollars til pay day for gas in my F-150. With the price of gas, i may have to fish like i did when i was a kid - riding my bike to the creek with my fishing outfit taped on.
  2. creekwalker

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    Well, that was short lived! I saw the same thing on the way home. The main creek I live on was pretty clear but the feeders were already pouring in mud. I had to put tires back on my ATV first and then rode to the creek. By the time I got there...about 45 minutes later, it was chocolate!

    I had one small sauger on, but nothing after that. I guess I'll wait a few more days for it to clear again.


  3. wader

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    Hit one up my way this afternoon, and she was high and muddy still. Almost came in my hip waders, and it isn't exactly clean water to begin with. One bite in 10 casts and I was out. Started raining off and on again about 18:00.