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Hey Lundy, Toolman, Shorttroll, et al....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by blance, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Sorry Shortdrift, I couldn't resist the reference to the "deep walleye" thread :D

    Just wanted to make sure you guys got credit for being dead on about the trollers bible. I ordered a copy of the 7th Edition Precision Trolling book last week and got a chance to try it out this weekend. Didn't try getting too fancy, I picked a limited area of water that had suspending fish (not necessarily Walleye, just suspended fish) and just worked two styles of baits; Husky Jerks (normal/deep) and small tail dancers (td7). My first trip out with the book in hand on Saturday got me 4 fish despite having a bunch of guys fishing a bass tourney determined to take the depth line I was trolling away from me. 2 Crappies, 1 LM and 1 Channel Cat were the results of my first few hours of trolling. Like I said kept it real simple and worked the same biats, just in different color patterns until I found a preference. Most all fish I marked were suspending at 10ft in 15-25 FOW. Used the charts let my line out and put a couple fish in the boat. Was a good, immediate confidence boost. Went back out Sunday using what I learned on Saturday and put about 18 more fish from the same depth line in the boat; mostly crappies again, but had 2 good sized channel cats and a smallie hit my crank baits. Figure I lost maybe half a dozen more while I learned the lesson of not having my drags too tight. I'm pretty much 99.999% C&R so the misses were't that upsetting. They [fish] all got the chance to go back and tell their buddies to stay away from those td7's. Another lesson I learned first hand was keeping the boat moving. By never stopping, my lines stayed out of each others way and more than a once or had a second rod go off while bringing in the fish on the first. Keeps ya busy when you're fishing alone and have to deal with two rods going off and driving the boat at the same time. But the point of the book was really driven home as I sat there pondering a foul hooked fish and how accurately the charts helped me place baits if I'm foul hooking fish as I troll through/around the schools. Thanks alot for your help guys. Now I'm hoping to take the confidence boost I got from this past weekend and begin trying to apply what I've learned thus far in some open water situations. Hopefully put a few eyes or stripers in the boat this time.

    Thanks again,

  2. Many people won't take the time to work at trolling as you did. Your time devoted to learning has already paid off and will continue to provde you with dividens. I was out with EZmarc last week and picked up additional pointers that were very obvious but also easy to overlook. That is the advantage of linking up with an experienced individual. Good luck as you climb the learning curve. :)

  3. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I'm glad you found the book useful, it would be hard not to.

    I am not a troller by nature, but sometimes it's the only game in town. It's sure nice to have some tricks in your pocket when you need it.