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Hey Landowners?

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by bobk, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. bobk


    Last night I got a call. Long time buddy made small talk and then got to what I knew was coming. Wanted to know about the deer population on my place and coming down to hunt. I told him plenty of deer being seen and no he wasn't welcome to hunt this year.
    He got all pissy with me and I quickly mentioned all the years he has hunted on my place and he has never helped with one bit of work on the land. I guess I'm just sick of being used if that makes any sense. He went on to tell me how busy he is and it's a few hour drive to come down. It's funny how the drive is ok when it's time to kill a deer. It's hard work to maintain all the property the older I get. I feel it should be considered a privilege to hunt and some sort of help isn't asking too much. I have mentioned all the hard work to him for years and nothing is ever offered. My wife thinks I should let him hunt since I've known him for so long. I'm not changing my mind on the issue. If people can't at least offer to help for the chance to hunt I'm done with them. This stuff bothers me every year. I'm done being used. People make choices every day on what's important to them. There are 365 days in a year. If a person can't find a day or 2 in all that then I'm fine with my decision.

    Last year 2 kids stopped by to see if they could hunt. This was right before bow season started. I told the kids to check back with me in January and give me some help around the place and they could hunt the following season. Funny looks from both of them and they didn't show up to help. Entitlement?

    I have a friend in West Virginia that lets me poke a deer every so often in their rifle season. I spend a couple weekends each year helping him at his place for that privilege. I guess I'm old fashioned and appreciate him giving me the chance to hunt his place.

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  2. toby2


    Let me know when ya need a hand down there. Oh, I agree with ya.
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  3. I hear ya! Also I'm very good with a weed whacker. Lol
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  4. ive tried to get permission all around me and have had no luck. ive offered to help on the land, share meat, cut wood you name it and they all say no
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  5. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member


    You are 100% correct!
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  6. I guess a big part of it is what you mean by a "long time buddy". To me there are acquaintances, friends , and long time buddies. To me long time buddies are people who you have shared good and bad times with over the course of your life. Long time buddies are a notch above friends and acquaintances. I cannot identify with your land situation but being an avid fisherman, my boat is always open to my long time buddies and friends and at no cost or any quid pro quo. By the way, wives have good insight into these matters. John
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  7. If they don't want to help maintaining it, then perhaps it might be easier for them to pay to hunt?
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  8. I was just out last week cutting trees off of the lane were I hunt for the property owner they told me I am the only one that ever offers a hand and I told them it was a privilege to have a place were I could go with my son.
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  9. dcool


    I don' hunt, but depending on where you are at, i would certainly come and help you do whatever you need done on your land.
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  10. fastwater

    fastwater "My grace is sufficient for you"

    As a property owner, I agree and can relate whole heartedly with you bob.
    I used to spend about $1000-2000 a year planting feed and hunting plots. Was working at the time so the $ wasn't really an issue. But the ground prep time was. Spraying weed killer,Plowing, liming, disking,seeding...all takes time. And sometimes, due to weather and being able to get in the field to work,you just can't wait till people decide to come help in the middle of the summer when everything is already done. Also, tending the plots was time consuming as well. Cutting junk trees to improve the hardwoods, cutting wild grape vines...there is just so much to do to provide good wildlife habitat.
    Especially when you're working 50-60hrs a week.
    Pulling in the driveway and heading straight to the field/woods working till dark was not uncommon at all.

    While I would be doing all this, the few that hunted here that knew what I was doing would be talking about going to little Johnny's(their kids) baseball/soccer game/practice or to the movies, going fishing,having evening cookouts relaxing etc. All the while, I'm in the field/woods working...and if my little Johnny(my g-son) wasn't at his baseball/soccer practice by himself, he was with me.
    So I decided several years ago while still working ,after much hinting for a little help, that all that was coming to an end.
    I didn't plant hunting plots around their established stands. I didn't trim up their areas or insure they had good shooting lanes. I didn't spend any time around their stands so I could give them scouting reports as to what had been loafing around their areas or make sure their tree stands were in order and safe to climb from the previous year. Had one guys stand get bent double during the summer due to lighting hitting the tree and snapping tree off. He found out his first trip back to hunt since the year prior about this time of year. He always bow hunted the 1st two weeks of Nov. When he got here saw his stand, he asked what happened to it. and when did it happen. I told him " last Spring". He got all sideways cause I didn't call him. I told him if he'd come around some other time than every Nov. pre rut he would have known. He also asked about the over grown hunting plot that was below his stand. Asked what I had planted in there that was so high. Told him weeds.
    He left and have not talked to him since.
    Slowly but surely the others got the hint as well. And again, they all knew who was doing everything and the time it took to supply them a good hunting spot that cost them absolutely nothing.

    We're these real buddies...were they real friends???

    Was I wrong???

    Don't think so. Just tired of being taken advantage of. If that's today's idea of true friendship or a true buddy...I've had my fill of all that.;)
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  11. I agree with you Bob. If a person is kind enough to offer an opportunity to hunt the person being allowed that privilege must have the decency to show some sort of appreciation more that just words. (a thank you). Those that don't either were not raised properly or did not learn from their parents what is expected in life. When they are forced to hunt only public land they will wish they had not tried to take advantage.
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  12. bruce


    So called budies. no help to manage a property I tired of it and sold. 500 acers. It pissed me off so bad I hunt no more.
  13. FAB


    You said it exactly the way it should be Bob, and it does not count once you point it out. It should be voluntary and freely given without asking. And the dog should know you when you get out of the car. If not your a stranger to the property.
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  14. Eastside Al

    Eastside Al fishin is fun

    Very good choice, hard but needed.
    People make decisions on how they spend their time.
    I help cut fields cut wood and other things to have a spot.
    If i didnt i would not be there next year as landowner doesnt hunt and wouldnt let anyone on to just make it easier to not mess with people they dont know personally.
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  15. One of the teens in my neighborhood asked if he could archery hunt at my place this year. He and his dad came down and put up one of my extra ladder stands (no small feat if you've never done it), cleared shooting lanes on that stand and every other stand I own for me. His dad seems to be teaching him well.
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  16. No help , no hunt. Seems simple enough to me. I offer the family members that have land I hunt on any help they need ;it's usually refused , but always appreciated. I have also helped pulling gravity beds to the elevator, cutting wood, loading cattle, & spreading $hit !!
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  17. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Those folks may be getting paid to lease their property, or it's family and friends only.

    Bobk, I understand your feelings exactly. My BIL usually invites me down at least once a year to hunt a farm in SE Ohio that he's had permission to hunt on for 30 years at least. Back during the 4th of July holidays he explained that he might not be able to invite me down for "prime time".

    His Son would be on leave from the Air Force, and he was bringing his family to stay with them and they were going to hunt together. I have exactly zero problems with this! This is his Son. They have something special together, and the last thing I'd want to do is horn in on it.

    He was going to try to get me down there early, to do some work on the cabin and maybe hunt and fish a little. No problems with me. We rebuilt his back porch one year. But, the EHD hit, the Muskingum was pitifully low, so there was no reason to go down.
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  18. Agree with you totally bobk! I would relish the opportunity to help you out if ever needed. I only have access to 19 acres but help the land owner WHENEVER he needs! Actually like when he asks for help, makes me feel good to help him when I can! It's a very small price to pay to get to sit in a stand and enjoy the wildlife! Been hunting there almost 20 years and he's been talking about selling, I'll be grinding it out on public when that happens! Don't even wanna think about it lol
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  19. If that’s the only reason he wants to stay friends with you is to have a place to hunt then I totally agree. It’s different if they have a boat at Erie and you guys can switch out some hunting and fishing trips like me and my buddy do or atleast something to that affect. If he dosent have nothing to offer and will not participate in some sweat equity for a place to hunt then he can sit at home and think a good thing he lost out on.
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  20. I'm with you 100% Every place I have hunted over the years,I always offer to help do what ever. That's the Right thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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