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  1. I recently sent an email to Consol energy about the possibility of getting permission to fish the land they have purchased from AEP. I just received this response today, which I find very hopeful. Maybe we can get them to open up some of the land up there, particularly some of the old campsites. I'm not sure which ones they have purchased though. My thinking is if enough of us will send them a response, we may be able to move this process along and hopefully once again have access to this land. I ask everyone to shoot this guy an email, especially the land we would like to see opened up.


    Your inquiry concerning access for fishing on CONSOL Energy property in
    Ohio has been forwarded to me by Tom Hoffman for handling.

    In some geographic areas of Ohio, CONSOL Energy is exploring the
    possibility of enrolling properties for public access through the
    appropriate wildlife agency for them to manage, patrol and protect.
    However, until such time as enrolment is executed we are obligated to
    prohibit access. Hopefully in the near future these areas will be open
    for public recreation through the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

    If you could provide me with the particulars of the area you are
    referring to, we would be happy to review the location and explore
    enrollment if the area were to fit the mold for this particular program.

    You can contact me directly via return e-mail.


    D. R. McCracken
    Vice President - Administration
    CNX Land Resources Inc.
    (412) 831-4088



  2. It would be great if those of us who can give a fairly accurate description of what areas we would like to see opened up could get involved. Personally, I'm not all that sure what land they have purchased.

    But sounds like there's hope that the Wilds wont get this land and it can be opened up again.

  3. Just shot them an e-mail.

    Sounds like they maybe willing to play nice with the fishermen.
  4. just moved from kentucky where can i go fish please help
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    gonna have to send that fella an email. sounds like they might be willing to help us fisherman out for once!
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    Strper1,The Hocking River runs through Nelsonville, great Smallmouth fishing there. There is Lake Logan to the North of you and if you follow Rt 78 East out of Nelsonville it will take you over to Burr Oak state park and eventually the AEP lands we discuss here. This area is East of McConnelsville, Ohio. Get yourself one of those big red Atlas that they sell at Walmart. You have plenty to choose from.