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Hey Doc, I got a question for ya

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by blance, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. I was talking to DavidWS10 at Eagle Creek about almost getting stranded with a dead battery out on the river after being anchored in a spot for about 3 hours with my navigation, interior lights and fish finder on. He was telling me you rewired your boat with all LEDs. Vickie says get rid of the carpet in the boat and we bought some catfishing friendly vinyl for the floors. While I'm tearing everything up I figure that as good a time as any to look at rewiring the lights.

    Your bow and anchor lights are leds?? Are they on a post or is your bow light bolted down. I found the interior lights in amber LEDs to match my existing amber lights though cabelas and BoatUS. He also mentioned that you even went so far as to change out the bulbs in your guages with LEDs too. How'd you go about doing that?

    This is the second time this year that I bearly got my cranking battery to turn the motor over because I sat too long at night without running the motor and wanna get something done about it before my luck runs out and I'm trying to make my way back to the ramp with my electric trolling motor.



    Edit: Found this item for replacing the bulbs in my Atwood Nav lights. Kinda pricey at $32, but if I never have to change them again and I can drop my current consumption.... Here's the link
  2. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Buy you a jump starter pack. I have a 400AMP pack that I got at Sams Club for $45.00. I'm sure Wal-mart sells them also. Best insurance you can have. Mine also has an air pump and light on it. I've started completely dead batteries with it and also ran a 12 volt drop light off it for several hours and still had over 3/4 charge left.

  3. captnroger

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    uh, dumb question, but wouldn't another battery be cheaper than doing all that work? Keep your big motor on it's own battery, trolling on the other(s), and all accessories on the last one?
  4. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    Yup, your right there Captain, but I really enjoy doing customized work, I also went that route and have three batteries on board the boat with a Perko battery switch, two deep cells together and now I switch to the deep cells after I anchor down so the the big motor will have a fresh battery.

    I changed the lights on the gauges because they were white and driving the river at night with white lights is no picnic, blinds you, what I did was went to Autozone and bought accent lights in red leds, tied them into power leads for the old bulbs, now the gauges are a pleasing red tint no eye strain or blindness.

    The navigation lights are on poles, the front one has 8 led's in it, Donnie told me that they are brighter than the incadescent that was original with the boat, the stern light is also Led, you can now buy it thru Cabela's the Led's are so much brighter and consume very little power, when we are anchored down we leave all navigational lights on because we have been close to being run over too many times by boats that said the white light blended into the banks with all the other lights.

    I have also changed the trailer over to Led's that I bought off of E-bay dirt cheap, I was replacing the others too many times in a year to justify there $14.00 per teardrop light cost, the Leds again are much brighter as with 65 diodes lit up at a time, and now I have no other problems with the lights misfunctioning on the trailer, with all the potholes out there the other lites took a real beating.............Doc
  5. Actually adding another battery is something I was considering anyway. As it stands now I have two deep cycle batteries wired together in 12V for the trolling motor and one starting battery running the motor and all lights/accessories. What I considered doing was if I have room in the back with the oil tank for my motor is adding a second starting battery and wiring them together in 12V like my trolling motor for added capacity. But adding a selector switch between the my deep-cycles and starting banks is an interesting possiblity. allowing me to switch the accesories to the deep cycles when needed then back to the starting battery to run the motor. That would also provide me with a backup bank in case I kill my starting bank. Can I also leave the deep-cycles selected and charge them with my alternator? Changing out my interior lights is easy, I already have incadescent bulb lights installed from the factory and they require the same size hole so it should be a straight swap out. Although I wasnt to add one to the back of the boat where there are none. It's kinda dark back there when trying to fish out of the back while my kids are sleeping up front where my existing lights are concentrated. On the Navigation lights, I'm always blowing out my anchor light at Mosquito Lake. The causeway bridge sits low to the water and when I forget to pull my anchor light before going under It smacks every one of the briedge girders resuting in no anchor light on the other side. The link I posted looks like a direct swap in place of the existing bulbs. I'm planning on doing my trailer lights too doc. I replace 2 or 3 tail light bulbs a year between the roads and forgetting ot unplug them when launching. Ah, that should be enough projects to keep me busy during the winter.

  6. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack


    Can I also leave the deep-cycles selected and charge them with my alternator? Yes you can but I wouldn't do it mainly because they are designed to take a charge over a longer period of time, it won't hurt them but if they are drained down your going to really work your alternator hard trying to bring them up in a short time.

    Yep thet link looks like a good replacement, $32.00 not bad considering it will stay lit during yours and your childrens lifetime.............Doc
  7. thanks doc (I changed the lights on the gauges because they were white and driving the river at night with white lights is no picnic, blinds you) tanks for the tip with glasses its worse than ever
  8. I alawys kept a set up jumper cables in the boat. I at least had 1 battery with enough to start the big motor. If all else failed id take the hood off and pull it by hand. Wasnt fun pulling a 69 85 hp in the dark!!!