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Hey Boxingref rick

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by stonehands, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I take it by the name you are a boxing ref? Ever ref the Miami boxing team? Just curious, I fought for them in 2004
  2. Hi Stonehands!

    Here is a long winded reply!

    Um no, I haven't done amateur, or college fights in a long, long
    time. I do believe Tom Cleary whom I worked many a show with
    has something to with Miami. By the way Tom showed up at the
    Tuffman in Ross a year or so ago, and was trying to recruit a kid
    by the name of Cunnagin for Miami. You may know him - the kid
    was a heck of a boxer!

    I sometimes worked two, to four semi pro (Tuffman, Meanest
    Man) shows a month in Ohio for years. My record book shows
    over 1800 of those type of fights.

    I've been an actual pro ref, and judge for the last 10 years.
    I've worked a couple championship ESPN fights along the way.
    I was scheduled to work (X heavy champ) Ridduck Bowes first
    comeback fight last Sunday in KY, but they canceled the show.

    Now the thing keeping everybody busy is the MMA fights. I've
    ref'd and judged a few of those lately also. There is big UFC show
    scheduled for October in Cincinnati, but I will be working behind
    the scenes with it.

    Glove up!

  3. you probably have seen me then, I've fought in Ross a couple times and train with Rich at Rob Radford's gym. Whatever happened to the guy who used to MC the fights in Ross. I used to love hearing that guy announce the fighters. " SOandSo TO THE FRONT AND GLOVE UP"
  4. Hi. Stonehands!

    Yeah, I heard he died a few years back while working in his garden.
    I don't recal his name, but he was one of the great guys to work with.
    He made many comedians look lame in my opinion, and he made
    the bad fights hillarious. And he embarressed me more times than
    I can remember. He was big on Crappie fishing. I would talk to him
    about Grenada, and Kentucky lake all the time.
    Take care!