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  1. Hey buddy - I've been trying to reach you............

    I've got a question about "baking" my ball - I've already tried smoking out of the thumb hole, but that didn't work..........kidding.

    Seriously - I'm thinking about having you do it, but I need to know what I can expect after it's done. My ball is totally dead where I'm bowling now - it's got no back action at all. I have a columbia reaction arc - that I bought brand new like 4 or 5 years ago, used for 1 year (rolled my 300) and this is my first year back........and this ball acts like a plastic ball now!!!!
  2. I've had b. balls lose their back end hooking power after less than a season. Bought a Black Widow (by Hammer) at the beginning of last season and it's still giving me 110% on the back ends -- and we experience a zillion lane transitions on a typical league night. Are you bowling on wood or synthetic?

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    If I understand you right the ball you are talking about is over 4 years old. Take the ball to a local pro shop and have them look at it. They will most likely want to resurface it and put in new grips if you use them. But having a ball that old there are just too many good balls out there today. I'd go the new ball route. Your second 300 won't be that far away.
    I have both Black Widows. Both these balls are awesome.
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    Dishwasher is safer and won't warp it. It will help...but if you want an honest oppinion. Replace it.

    I would not average 222 with a dead ball.

    Keep your equipment fresh. I try to buy new buys after they are on the market for a while, and stay away from the new releases. This will save you about 75 bucks.

    If you bake it, it'll likely taste better than a Steelhead:D

    Let us know how you make out.

  5. See - that's what sucks! I spent like $225 on this ball 4 years ago - and only used it for 1 season!

    I will NEVER be able to talk the wife into a new ball - not after fishing and now hunting season..........there's NO way!

    I tried to wipe it down with alchohol and that seemed to help a little. I was wondering if baking it would draw all that old oil out and help it????? I heard it will............

    What about sanding?? Or would this just do the surface???
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    I know...It does suck. I do not know what you average, but sounds like your a decent bowler.

    Do you enter jackpots? Tell the wife its an investment. :D You'll likley get that money back in a few months. I'm up about 150 bucks in jackpots this year. (spoon money, lol)

    Seriously though...Sanding it may help, it will increase friction, changing your angle in to the pocket with less deflection. Usually a dead ball loses its drive. I would say it is a quick fix and should last 3-4 weeks. Pro-shops should be able to do for a few bucks and can be done multiple times. This should get you thru X-mas....Then I would ask Santa for a Morich.......

    Good Luck,
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    One year/season is about all you get out of a bowling ball today.
    Using alcohol just removes the surface dirt from the ball. Sanding puts the surface (groves) back in the ball but if it isn't done right will do more harm than good. Baking a ball should only be done in a ball oven in a pro shop. I have seen balls guys have put in their ovens and dish washers. Not a pretty sight.
  8. I USED to be a decent bowler! Until this year! I suck now.....and it's pissin me off BAD!

    I'm bowling at a different lane than I was used to (4 years ago) but I've bowled for fun many a time and have NEVER had this problem!

    I really think it's the lane conditions that have me all screwed up. I usually throw a pretty big hook and this ball would turn and DRIVE into the pocket - now it usually slides through low in the pocket and I'm leaving pins EVERYWHERE!

    Put it this way - I normally use a 2nd ball to pick up my 7 pins (left handed) because I couldn't keep this ball from hooking so much. NOW I can use this ball and actually pick up my 7's with it........because it's not hooking anymore!!!

    I LOVE this ball - but I'm really getting frustrated! I normally carry about a 205 average. Last night I bowled a (gulp) 105 my 2nd game! YE-OUCH! I was so pissed you wouldn't even believe it.
  9. I know a lot of guys (inckuding myself) that use the GREEN scoth brite pads to clean the surface of the ball. I go over it with the pad and then wipe it down with alcohol. I don't throw a huge hook like you but it might help out.

    Also, if you use lifts in your finger holes, have them replaced. A friend that I bowled on a league with last year was having problems with his hook and found the lifts were worn out. Replaced them and it took care of a lot of the problem. The other issue we have, is they just changed the wood lanes to synthetic and it SUCKS!!
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    You can try a hot bath. Take a bucket that the ball will fit in and put some hot water, not boiling just very hot, in it. Now add some dawn dishwashing soap. Put the ball in there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Take it out and dry it off. This will pull a lot of the oils out that are trapped in the porous material of the ball. You should see the oil on top of the water.

    Another thing to try is shorting your span a little. This helps you come around the ball better and you can get more finger lift which gives the revs.

    A ball should last more than 1 season, especially for the prices that you pay. I have been lucky enough to get my balls for free for the last few seasons. Good luck whatever you do. I know how bad it sucks when you are not scoring like you are capable of.
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    soak it in hot water like bigdaddy said then try acetone for cleaning it instead of alcohol.personally i think it does a better job.
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    Use acetone sparingly. It will melt the ball as well as the grips.
  13. Thanks Guys! I'll try giving my ball a bath - hell, I'll let it sleep with my wife if it'll help! HA!

    Big Daddy - how do you get free balls? sponsors or what??

    I "mentioned" my ball problems last night to my wife (she knows how frustrated I've been) and the suggestions from you guys on here about just buying a new one...........I got THAT look.

    Guess it's off to find a bucket!
  14. Excellent tip about replacing worn finger grips. Sometimes that's all it is.
  15. Really? I wouldn't think this would have much effect on your ball - but it's definately worth giving a shot!!!!!

    Like I said - I'll try anything at this point..............I just visited a voodoo dr last week............haha.
    Sounds like your about a half step ahead oh your release.
  17. yeah - every week 15 minutes before the games start! haha........

    I don't think it's anything with me or my approach - I've been trying everything.....throwing faster, slower, straight and in, big hook, nothing is working..........move WAAAY left.......move a little right..........nothing.
  18. 15 MINUTES WOW !!!
    Try 15 games a day and know what you are doing.

    15 minutes and you are pract. your errors.
  19. Oh ! if you want credentials hows this ?

    ex P B A. multiple 300 s
    multiple 800 s
    Best average ,,, 224
    ex pro shop opperator.
    Why ex. I`m retired and 74 yrs young
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    Thus your name?