hey, and anyone hit the river this week?

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  1. Hey all, looks like i'll have to divide my time between this site and Jvolpes. just curious if anyone has heard a report on the river this week. its way too low for me to bother with it. hopefully we'll get some rain this week and get more fish in and raise it back up. i've been hitting the trout at pearson this week and doing well but even 5 of those doesn't equal 3 eyes.
  2. I fished the Maumee for walleye on Saturday. The water level was very low and clear. I fished at Fort Meigs from sunrise to noon; caught nothing. Maybe 30% if the fishermen leaving had 1-2 fish, I saw no limits. The vast majority got skunked like me. I did see a big female get snagged, maybe 12 lbs. My step brother fished 2 days this weekend; also very poor results. More rain is needed to bring in additional fish.

    I fished Conneaut Creek on Good Friday for steelhead. The flow and color were beautiful. There were lots of fish in the river. Most were dark, but I did see a number of fresh fish. I caught a few on bead head prince nymphs, and lost one that was 10 lb+. NE Ohio is getting a lot of rain now, but the weekend could be very good if the rain stops tomorrow.

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    I was there last friday...at buttonwood...by the beach...caught a 24", lost a couple, and had two 18" hooked in the nose...

    my bro went out sunday nite, and had his limit in 15 minutes...went out monday morning and limited out in 2 hours.

    they are there...but for how much longer (i'd like to get back up there next week if the white bass haven't moved in ...)