Het Fest/Turtle Creek 08

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  1. Just Got Back From Turtle Creek 08. All I Can Say Is Way To Go Het And OGF Members Are Clas Acts 110%. Got To Fish With Het Fri Sat And Sun Along Fisherman 419 And Along Side Joe W Who Was In Another Boat Limited Out All 3 Days. Got To Meet Some Outstanding People Who Were More Than Willing To Share Advice On Fishing And Well As Boating.Again Let Me Say OGF Members Class Acts All The Way. I Would Like To Be The First To Cast My Vote For Het Angler Of Year 09 For The Work He Personaly Put In To TC 08:B :G
  2. Absolutely, another great year at Turtle Creek. Many thanks to Hetfieldinn for organizing a great outing and making it happen. Food and drink were outstanding, as was the opportunity to meet many fellow OGF'ers in person.

    Unf we managed to smoke a wheel bearing on my trailer on the way back to Cleveland. Luckily for me I had a landing gear service technician from Seattle in my crew AND Mobile R.V. & Marine (5881 N. State Route 590, Oak Harbor, OH 419-898-0483, www.fixthisboat.com) was open on Sunday until 2:30pm.

    Using a basic toolkit, Ian managed to remove the hub and pieces of the old bearing and then get the replacements at Mobile R.V. & Marine. In addition, Mike at Mobile R.V. let my friend Ian use his tools to get the new race seated in the hub and get the job done right the first time. I can't say thanks enough to Mobile R.V. & Marine for helping us out.

    Two hours later we were safely back on the road to Cleveland.

    So, the moral of the story is to check your bearing buddies and grease your bearings routinely OR always bring along a trained technician. In this case, Ian has earned an automatic invitation to next year's outing...of course, I'll be double-checking all my wheel bearings after work this week...

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    glad to see you made it back bigwalleye. good tallking to you at the shindig and on the water. next time call me again so we can swing back and limit that fast too:p