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  1. Took my nearly seven year old daughter out for some panfish today in a wood co. pond. The air was hot, the sun was intense, and the wind blew. But she wanted to take some gills home to have for dinner. This was all by her request. So I rigged her pink Barbie pole with a slip bobber and waxworms and we headed out for a few hours. She only caught three gills but they were all keepers. I brought them home and while she cooled off in the pool I cleaned the fish and put them in the frying pan. Then rest of the family ate burgers on the grill and my daughter had her fish. She gobbled them up in blink of an eye. She was disappointed when I told her there were none left. Seeing the smile on her face gave me the warm and fuzzy's!

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  2. Amen!
    Great story and photo. :)

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    That is GREAT!!! I got the warm and fuzzy feeling just reading the story. I have a 6 year old daughter and a 4 year old son that I hope will get into this sport. They are starting to get interested.
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    When the poll was taken last year for the fisherman of the year, I voted for anyone who took a child fishing. That is priceless!!!!
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    Your a very fortunate man!
  6. CountryKat

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    You just made me realize what I am missing. My son (7) has been asking to go all year. I kept telling him when I have a day off. Well, when the day off comes I'm too tired to do anything. NOT ANY MORE!!! :) A couple years back he got the biggest cat of the year. I got skunked.
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    That is totally awesome! What a great dad you are :) WB
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    Great post Norm! Seeing kids fish is the best! It sounds like she is really into it and you'll have a fishing buddy whenever you want... very nice!

  9. Yes I can't wait till I can get her out on Erie. I thought of taking her for perch on a headboat but the patience level isn't quit there yet. That will come with time. I am trying to teach her to respect the outdoors/nature.
  10. Nice job! I bet those gills were tasty!

    Thanks for sharing. That really is what it's all about!:D
  11. That is great! My 7 Y.O. son loves to eat fish. He even likes it leftover the next day-right out of the refridgerator. Children are precious resources, and they are the future of our sport!
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    She out fishing and is still thinking of fashion. Her hat color matches her pool color. LOL! Great job! :D
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    thats awesome, congrats on the fish
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    That is great,love to hear about young kids wanting to get into fishing...congrats on the fish
  15. Nice job Norm!!! Just be son is 9 and he is trying to put the old man in an early grave with his passion for fishing. We fished bass/trout for almost 5 hours Fri. after work, catfish/smallies in the Maumee for 5 hours Sat., 2 hours bass/gills Sunday, and He somehow talked the wife into taking him to Dick's today and called me at work to let me know I needed to take him tonight to try out his new gear!!!!!
  16. Way to go Norm!!I can remember when I hauled my son on my shoulders to go fishing at res.#5 in Fostoria.Great memories!!Start them out young and they will be fishin when you and I are gone.
  17. Moments like that are absolutely PRICELESS!! Hats off to the both of you.
  18. Excellent post!

    My boys say, "Way to go!!!"