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Here's the scoop on the 41# MUSKY!

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by sawgi2001, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. :) The friend that caught this fish, took me along this day, just to try one last time to catch a saugeye or two for dinner. Before the lake was to low to get a boat in. We got to the ramp at around 1:30-2:00. Almost changed our minds on going out! Started fishing at 2:30+/-, with jig's and minnow's on one pole and vi-bee's/or spoons on the other. Had a couple hits on j/m,"took the minnow off". My friend snagged up on something once w/vi-bee, got it out w/lure retriever. Kept puttsing around w/electr.motor, jiggin' & draggin'. Then he said " Crap I got another snag"!! Then he asked me if I turned the elect.motor off. His line was going out under & behind the boat. And the boat was moving!! I looked out behind the boat and seen this big a.. swirl, and thought it might have been a beaver? I looked back at him and he said "I think I've got a biggun'!!!" UH..HU!!!! That fish drug the boat,me & him, and bucked against the wind, for almost 25min's! I cleared poles & boxes out the road in the boat. Then realized we didn't have a NET! We tried keepin' our cool. He once had the line wrapped in the motor....lifted it out! Only had 12# test on & a little vi-bee. 1st he said was goin' to release it. Changed his mind after I nervously slid my under the gillplate and lifted it into the boat!!! Wooo!! If we would have had a camera & a craddle or net I'm sure we would have released it!! But...After having the odds against us, with the line;the lure size; NO NET; tangled in motor; and the 1st MUSKY he's ever caught!! I feel Fish was meant for him to have!!!! Just like having a once-in-a lifetime shot at world record Buck! It was MOSTLY LUCK!!! But I feel great, bein' part of that time, makin' a memory!!! I will find out about the scale sample, If he wants to go for it. Would be interesting!!! I'll keep in touch if, anything more goes. HOPE to see "any of Yun's" out there on the WATER!! GOOD LUCK & BE SAFE!!!
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    great story! Seems like some nice fish lately have been caught by luck. Heck I wish I could catch a few nice saugeye's by luck let alone a possible muskie of a lifetime! That would be one way to get someone hooked into muskie fishing. One heck of a first ever! :)

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    Thanks for posting this story. Been waiting for it ;) GREAT STORY !!!!!! THE CATKING !!! :)
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    Is that a 41 " or a 41 lb. musky? Either way, thats a nice fish...not sure about a 41" being a keeper though.

    In cold water, a muskie like that would have survived, even without a net.
  6. That's a great story behind a great fish. Maybe his first muskie, but it sounds like you guys have been through more than one rodeo. Just getting a fish like that in the boat must have been a thrill. Sounds kind of scary though. I guess the muskie is mean enough to take a chunk right out of you. I know from personal experience that a northern will do anything he can to bite you.
    I think I will take a hint and put a few vi-bees in my tackle box. What stores carry them?
  7. Lewis


    Yessir..that fish was 41lbs. and over 50 inches!
    What a hawg!