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Here we go Patriots, here we go!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by flathunter, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    24-3 AT HALFTIME!!!!!!..Rottenburger looks really bad agin!!!!!!!

    Wheres all the Steeler fans at???
  2. i work with 3 squeeler fans, and that's all i hear about all day every day. 24-3 haha. keep up the good work bilichek and finish them off.

  3. X-Brown coach makes em' toast!!!
  4. That was not BOOOOOOS I heard cascading down Heinz stadium was it ?? After all that bragging by those same steeler fans ALLLLLLL year.
  5. Lifelong Steelers fan here, no matter how embarrassing this game gets!
  6. catking

    catking Banned

    By far the best team in the NFL. How soon we all forget that they won what,21 games in a row??? ............But , the game isn't over until it's over ;) ............. CK
  7. Dunno, listened to the game on the radio on my way out of 'da burgh tonight and the Patritos sounded unstoppable. Now late in the 3rd the Stoolers seem to be coming on. Come on Romeo, show us why you need to be the next head coach in Cleveland.

  8. ...WRONG... [​IMG];)
  9. well that's da ballgame :D
  10. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Yes, Yes , yes,..I know my Browns suck, but this just made my year!..We have heard nothing but bragging all year from Steeler fans on here about how great there team is..They are a good team but at least they lost today.
  11. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Welcome back to reality Steeler fans. You guys had a good season. Congrats on that.
  12. All I can hope now is that the Patroits will win the Super Bowl and the next best team in the AFC will win the title! (Being a die-hard Steelers fan, I just had to throw that in!) Seriously, the Patroits played better tonight and played a complete game. Turning the ball over 4 times and not forcing any turnovers will not win the AFC championship. It just sucks to see the Patroits celebrating on Pittsburgh's field!
  13. Who cares where the Patriots celebrated, they continue to be the best team in the NFL with no excuse making when they lose. They are the class of the NFL. The Browns show they're class weekly :rolleyes:, I feel sorry for their fans. As a Steeler fan I didn't think they would get this far so I'm OK with a loss to the Patriots. I think they did a remarkable job this year with a rookie quarterback. I didn't run into allot of bragging Steelers fans before the game but I did run into allot of proud fans that were happy to be here and hoping to win.
  14. When I flipped to the game near the end why were all the seats empty. If I were I diehard fan I would have stayed to the bitter end and showed my REAL support for my team. Wouldn't you have stayed???
  15. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

  16. No. With a -10 wind chill and allot of traffic, who wants to stay and watch the Patriots celebrate when you can be half way home in a warm car.
  17. I was pretty amazed that probably 90% of the fans left the stadium several minutes before the finish. I would have thought that more fans would stick around and support the team that brought them so much excitement on the season. As was mentioned perhaps the weather played a part in that although I don't think the people would have left if they were winning soto me it seems that they deserted their team.

    I am a life long Browns fan which means that every year I have high hopes of putting it to the Steelers. But I am not really one of those who who rooted against the Steelers. However, the game went pretty much as I had figured. The Steelers should feel great about their season. They put together quite a streak. However, I think that they ran into the best team in the NFL on a good night and one game short of getting to the Super Bowl. My hat is off to the Pats. They are one super ball club. They are just solid in every aspect of the game. And I feel that they are as classy of an organization as you will find right now. I look for them to get it done again in two weeks and I know I will be rooting for them against the Eagles.
  18. Besides the fans of pittsburgh are getting used to losing the afl championship @ home.Now the question will be do they win ( during the regular season ) because of coher or in spite of him ???.

    Today treat your, steeler fans , who happen to be your friends , kindly. Keep your smirks to a minimum and try not to bring up how they thumped their chest after beating philly & pats when the chips were not on the line.

    Also remember as soon as they get 3 victories next year they will resort to their bragging once again. They will be talking super bowl in october forgetting that it is decided in Jan.
  19. Carpman_1977

    Carpman_1977 Big Softy the Fish Finder

    My wife and I were Steeler fans before the season started, and we'll be fans till we die. I realize that this area is very pro-Browns, but ALOT of people (Browns fans included)seemed to jump on the old bandwagon when they were rolling through the regular season. Even Wal-mart started to sell the Ben jerseys along the aisles and pushed Browns stuff to the back. Now that they lost, everyone is saying "I wasn't rooting for them, GO BROWNS!!!". Yeah, right. Looks like the wagon dropped a few off. No bandwagons for me thanks. I'll stick with my Ward jersey and my wife can keep her Farrior jersey.

    Looks like our battle cry will be the same as the other 31 teams who will get sent home.......

    WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. catking

    catking Banned

    Cowhers Steelers are 1-4 in AFC championships. Nothing left to say.......~**~