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Here we go Brownies!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by All Eyes, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. The 2017 Cleveland Browns have been voted the team most likely to improve. LOL!!!
    Talk about sports writers going out on a limb. My guess is 4 wins.
    Browns season2.jpg
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  2. 4 wins is an improvement. Why so negative? O line and D improved. Yeah, we will not make it to the playoffs but they should be an easier team to watch compared to last year.
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  3. Not being negative at all. Just thought it was funny how ESPN and others are saying that they will be a better team this year. That's a pretty stout limb they are out on considering the 1-15 record. 4 or 5 wins would be a nice improvement. Go Browns!


    I'm mostly curious to see our defense this coming year. Hopefully they'll make some noticeable strides and I can stay tuned in for more than 2.5 quarters and want to watch more than 5 games this year :)
  5. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Sometimes there's nothing else you can say but the obvious. It would be nearly impossible to NOT improve!
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  6. I notice you said 'nearly'
  7. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    I'm sorry, but I don't classify 4 or 5 wins as an improvement. 1 win or 4 is the basement of the division, and I don't accept that as an improvement.

    I believe this team has the talent to get to 8-8. That would be an improvement. At some point, right coach, right free agents, right draft choices has to add up to wins.
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  8. 1 win last year vs 4 or 5 wins this year is indeed an improvement. No way around that fact.
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  9. Scum_Frog

    Scum_Frog Set The Hook`

    This head office and staff has made VAST improvements in the FA market and draft picks. Also dropping older players and freeing up salary room. We have a hard hitting safety now which we've never had in a long dont say Hitner' because he didnt do crap for us and then started to be good again at Denver. Ive been saying this all year.....we go 7-9 this year, 9-7 next year and following year playoffs. Mark it down.
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  10. Boy, would that be nice! I REALLY hope you're right man. Go Browns!
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  11. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    I also like what they did in free agency and the draft this year overall. Last year it seemed like they were playing it safe, drafting nothing but "character" guys. This year they seemed more sure of themselves. Hey, everybody was new last year, and I'm sure there was a little bit of dancing on eggshells trying not to make a monumental screw up!
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  12. crestliner TS

    crestliner TS redeye

    Whos the quarterback? 4 wins max.. You guys are smokin something!
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  13. The sky is the limit!..and osweiler is gonna open the season as starter...who knows this year...we could win 3, we could win 7...I could see either happening...I can also see kizer possibly winning the job...If I were start kizer week one...nothing to lose and you have two very capable backups then...cut and dry in my opinion...start kizer week one against the stoolers.
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  14. Scum_Frog

    Scum_Frog Set The Hook`

    Im for either Osweiler or Kizer to be the starter.....Kizer was used to being behind Golson and Zaire at ND and when he got the job he did well so I wouldnt mind if they sat him a year or two and developed. Butttt then you see guys like Carr getting the job and doing well with it so you never know. Osweiler could end up the Next Josh McCown and be a great back up guy which I wouldnt mind. Kessler could be that guy too but I think he wants to be a starter real bad. If you look at our L's.....we had like 6 games that we lost by 6 points or less. With our major defensive improvements weve got good odds in switching those into w's....theres 7 win season. Our O line was an obvious improvement but our D line is going to be silly....they moved Nate Orchard back to D-End which is where he is good and destroyed it in college, last year before his injury his teammates nicknamed him blood bath because of how hard he was hitting people and then a freak injury happened which he was never injured. Orchard, Nassib, Garrett, Ogbah, Bryant and the Rookie who was supposedly the steal of the draft in Caleb Brantley. Fresh legs all the time on the Line and awesome Line backers. DB's are good if Joe Haden becomes Haden again and I have a really good feeling on Boddy-Calhoun and then you Add McCourty and Calvin Pryor.....okay! I think our Defense will be at top 10 by end of the season....more than likely in the 8-10 area.
  15. Athens County Red must of been harvested early.
  16. Lol! doesn't hurt to dream. :D
    ...and if you're gonna dream...dream big.;)
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  17. Scum_Frog

    Scum_Frog Set The Hook`

    Id love to hear an argument or disagreement on otherwise with our defense. Honestly though.
  18. Love your optimism. I think you are correct about the d-line. Might be the best since Jerry Sherk and Walter Johnson. Time will tell...I 'm afraid you are overestimating the strength of the d-backs. Haden played last year like he only has 1 or two left in him. The rest are just other guys....Hopefully are rookie safety will pan out but he certainly isn't a ball hawk. Anything over 5 wins is a plus.
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  19. Scum_Frog

    Scum_Frog Set The Hook`

    Ya I forgot to even mention Peppers pending on what he does....I dont want to over think anything on him but I definitely could see him being a really good punt returner and possibly kick returner. One thing we havent had since t.benjamin and Cribbs left. I think our dline will actually get pressure on the qb which we havent had in forever. We should be able to rotate fresh legs in and out of there all game. Im very optimistic this year and think we are better than what we are acquainted too lol
  20. ...and let's not forget the Browns reputation/history of taking talented players they've signed and bringing out the worse in them.
    Only to have that same player leave the Browns and do well for another team.
    Hopefully the Browns are on their way up. But when you are at rock bottom, there's only one way to go. We'll see just how 'far up' they will go. They'll do good getting 4-5 wins.
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