Here we go again

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    JAGS 10 BENGALS 28



  2. peon

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    we should beat them pretty good...

    Off. Deff.
    Bengals 3 10

    Jaguars 24 3

    this is waht i got on both teams offence and deffence rattings....

  3. UFM82

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    And it ain't looking good so far.

    UFM82 :mad:
  4. peon

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    dont go as far to say that.. its not good but not bad yet


    Had to end sometime....good run.
  6. flathunter

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    Glad to see the Bengals lose, I admit they do have a good team however.
  7. Tee

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    Yeah it was probably going to happen sooner or later.... Oh well we're still leading the division. 4-1 I'll take that.

    Way too many penalties again....It cost us the game. Hopefully we'll have all our starters back from injury next week. That should help.

    As long as Carson Palmer is in the game we have a chance at winning. That guy is unreal. You can tell he is going to be a star.
  8. H2O Mellon

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    Darron Simmons shoudl have Miles azz this week. How in the hell can an NFL vetern w/ tons of special team experience positioned as a gunner on punt team touch the ball like that. He was clearly the 1st player to touch the ball after he went out. A mistake like that is uncalled for even by a rookie let alone a vetern. That negated a 69 yard punt, the repunt was 31 yards & Jack went down a kicked a FG. UNREAL. Sure could have usd TJ, Kevin Walter made a couple bone head plays. The rookie C did pretty well overall though. Both teams had too many silly penalities, the Bengals need to cut down on these to say the least.
  9. Chris Henry let me down last night. We've watched him the last couple years at WVU and this kid caught anything that came his way. The pass that went through his arms at the goal line was within his abilities to grab. Tuff break. On the other hand, the one that Johnson caught in the end zone was mighty impressive from Johnsons standpoint and Palmers. Both outstanding efforts. No doubt, Cincy has a nice team. Clean up the penalities.

    Did I hear right? Ravens (thugs) had over twenty penalties and two ejections in yesterdays lose.

    Don't know whether I want to watch Monday night football or not. lol Those chargers are HOT right now. Stillers will have their work cut out for them.

    Congrates to the Clev Brownies. They showed some character yesterday.
  10. The Steelers are still the team to beat,without question,they have the most talent.Their weakness in my opinion is their coach.The Bengals are the second best team,a lot of talent,and a very good coaching staff,and even though they have benefited from a very easy schedule so far,they still had to win the games,and they have.It's probably a toss up between the Browns and Ravens who comes next,I'll go with the Browns because if Baltimore loses one or two more games,they'll pack it in the rest of the year.The Browns could win maybe seven games this year,Baltimore will be lucky to win five.
  11. H2O Mellon

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    Just heard (from 700 WLW) Chad Johnson after the game. Man, he was in tears. I guess he & Carson Palmer had to be seperated on the sidelines during the game. Something I have always wondered in the back of my mind is What would happen if Coach Lewis ever lost the control of the team. Let's face it Cincy has some very colorful players such as Chad Johnson, TJ, Tab Perry, Odel Thurman, etc... I mean heck man TJ has taken himself out of gams before becasue he gets too mad (has an ager management issue) Coach Lewis has been able to take the players with reported "bad attitudes" or that were labeled "trouble makers" and turned them around, but what would happen if the wheels ever fell off? Not good......

    Chad Johnson has the ability to be/is a top 5 WR, Carson Palmer has the ability to be/is a top 5 QB but they have to play as teamates, nto as individuals. Randy Moss and Terrell Owens are great, they have many, many Pro Bowls between them, but how many Super Bowl rings?
  12. H2O Mellon

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    In the whole grand scheme of things, they got beat by a better team last night. The Jags defense is ranked #3 for a reason. I think the Bengals will win all the games they are suspose to, but if the penalities dont improve they will loose each & every game they are suspose to and in order to make the playoffs (ie: take the next step) you have to win some of the games that you arent suspose to win.

    I really get mad when fundamentals are not followed. I guess thats why the Mile special team play was so disturbing, not to mention Kyle Larson. It's Sunday night your team is 4-0 but yet an underrdog, bright lights, national spotlight, and you manage to kick a 25 yard punt, a 31 yard punt, and get one blocked. Any big time D1 college punter could have perfomred like that, even with the 70+ yard punt from last night.
  13. shuvlhed1

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    I am still holding out for a 7-9 season, althought it looks bleak right now. All we need is more Corey Dillon, er, Chad Johnson temper tantrums and we can get there. What a turd. His check list is a huge joke. You think he will check yes this week? He should.

    The best part was when the anouncers said that Marvin Lewis was impressed with all the research that Chad Johnson put into his "list". What a moron. I could come up with the same list in about 15 minutes. Just go to each teams roster page and pick out the number 1 cornerback. How freaking hard can that be? Maybe he should spend more time running his pass routes instead of running his mouth and dreaming up retarded end zone celebrations while his team is losing.
  14. H2O Mellon

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    I am just down on Chad Johnson right now. Last week I saw where he said that he wasnt really a football player, but rather an entertainer, people pay money to come see the Bengals play football, but for him (Chad Johnson) to entertain.

    No Chad, I'd pay money to watch the BENGALS (t-e-a-m) WIN football games, if you give a solo performance of River Dance, fine so be it, but I'd rather see Shane Graham to kick a game winning 40yard FG as the time is expiring that to see Chad Johnson catch 12 passes for 175 yards & 3 TD's and loose.
  15. I can't believe how quickly Bengals fans are going from "Undefeated season" to panic. I said early on that I thought the Bengals were a decent team but not unstoppable. They had not played anyone yet this season before yesterday. Their opponents' combined record for the first 4 opponents was a meager 4-12, and Cleveland has two of those. If the Bengals can hold it together I think they still have a playoff chance and perhaps a shot at Pittsburgh for the division. But I don't see them as a championship team.
  16. Tee

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    No Panic on this end. We played a good team and got beat on the road. Good teams sometimes get beat on the road. Just look at Philly...

    Bengals will regroup. Marvin Lewis is a great coach and he'll have them ready. They need to get healthy again as well. I thought the our rookie center did a great job for his 1st start/action as a pro. especially against the Jags defensive line. We badly miss our starting free safety M. Williams. Hopefully TJ will be ready this week as well.

    I thought we played a good game but just had too many stupid penalities and the defense needs to play better. It is fixable. They can play with anyone in this league.

    That 7-9 does look bleak. Yeah we still have to play the Browns, the Ravens twice and Steelers twice... There is 5 wins right there..... :p
  17. Don't get ahead of yourself. The Bengals are only a game up on the Browns in the loss column.;) That could make them even after the next meeting.:D
  18. H2O Mellon

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    The Browns are 2-2, Bengals are 4-1, yes 1 less lost than the Browns, but 1 MORE game played. I dont think anyone is panicing, but you want to see improvement in fundementals, such as penalties. Being a former college football coach and semi pro player, ;) you hate to see a team hurt theirselves with penalities. I also like to see several individuals playing as a TEAM, that is a very important part of a championship foundation.
  19. shuvlhed1

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    For that 0-16 season. I was really close once. Maybe one day...
  20. peon

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    gotta keep the spirits and hopes high!!!


    this team is great.. the best part of the game was when they showed how far the jags QB held the ball down when he was throwing it.. and said every QB should hope to be like palmer and it showed how far palmer held the ball down when he throws..LOVEN IT ALL UP!!!
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