Here We Go Again!!!!needed Ice Fishing Fix

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by mrphish42, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Was fishing today with bassmastermjb (MARK) and we just came back from being on the ice at OSP. I found out that Icebucketjohn's son was doing his thing this morning over at OSP after a phone conversation or two with John. So after loading up the balance of my gear...... I stopped at Marks and told him to grab his gear and that we were on our way to the ice. I've been reading his posts lately and noticed that he was in dire need of an "ICE FISHING FIX"..... to last him thru this up coming warming trend. I was amazed to count 15 fisherman at the time I stopped to look around....Ice was not threating to be on were we were......then came the rain. That quickly thinned the guys out....We continued to catch more than our share of "dinks"..but it gave (mark) a chance to shake the rust out of his system and hopefully last him.....until we get the return of really good ice everywhere. Thanks (mark) for going(you seem much better). Thanks IBJOHN for the up to date info and I was glad to meet your son. And for me( it will lessen the pain if I dont get to be back on the ice for a while. WERE THERE ANY OTHER OGF guys there during the late morning and middle of the afternoon time frame?....AND DID ANY OF YOU OTHER GUYS MANAGE TO GET YOU POST HOLIDAY ITCH SCRATCHED..........BY GOING TO ANY OTHER PLACES?...Jon SR. PS. Tomorrows ice conditions might deteriorate very quickly after tonights warm temps/rain effects....and general weather factors....CHECK VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU VENTURE OUT.
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    Wish I knew the ice was still good, I would of met you guys down there. I pretty much recharged today from the holiday travel the previous two days. BUT I'm sure sittin on the ice for a few hours would of charged the battery just as well!

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    Parma....I almost started to write the day off until I had contact with IBJOHN. Then things started to happen quickly.... cause I found out that today is Marks mom's B-Day and he had a time frame to operate in. To be honest....I truly thought that I just might run into you( and your name came up on the way to the lake) when I mentioned your name.....mark replyed that he (like I) thought that you had some extra time off of work to burn. I really thought that you would see the up coming forecast and just decide to come to OSP and give it a what the hell "ride" in case things were still a go...Oh well.....We keep saying soon. But when it's on for sure......I know for sure, that everyone will know about it.....Take care and enjoy your personal down time..............See ya later.......Jon Sr.
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    I thought about it Jon, but couldn't pull the trigger without reading a "fishable ice" report. All I've done is drive for the past 2 days, and just didn't want to drive almost an hours to see white crusty ice. IT'LL COME!!!!
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    As some one once told me, can't check on the ice from the couch!:p
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    Parma......This warm spell really is starting to look real bad for us...and there is still some more to come yet.....The guys that I feel bad for, are the ones that haven't been out (even once) and keep trying to time it so that they find a time slot between all these weather they can get out. And now this major setback comes along....which can back-up things quite abit......In the mean time I'm still thinking.....COLD/COLDER/COLDEST....probably won't do a bit of good.....but damn well makes me feel better......Hope your rested up from your travels....Jon Sr.
  7. the 15 day forecast is looking good though!
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    Peple......thats cool with me and I know it wont break your heart.....but they been herky/jerky'in us to the limits.....these last few weeks.......the part that gets me( not the weather peoples fault) is except for the spaced out rain events we have had over the last 4 weeks.......WE COULD BE FISHING ON 10 or more inches of the best early ice we have seen in a long/long time.....But as so goes just didn't come together.....and that's something that bassmastermjb and I were just talking about yesterday......GO FIGURE...Jon Sr.
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    They say some of the best things in life are worth waiting for. Looks like we're all going to wait a little longer than we expected.I just hope the next curve ball thrown at us gets hit out of the park by Mother Nature........Mark