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here walleye, walleye, walleye...

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by leaky tiki, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. leaky tiki

    leaky tiki Fruitcake

    It's time to start thinking walleye run...

    with the current conditions, any predictions on when it will start?
  2. I can almost guarantee that you will start to see fish showing up the first week of March but maybe even at the end of the month with such a mild winter. The best part of fishing so early in the season is that you are almost fishing alone rather than the shoulder-to-shoulder that you see during the peak. I'm looking forward to it already, with the hugely successful spawn of 2003 we will be seeing a LOT of 2lb fish. It should be a great year in the Maumee.


  3. Last year I got down there the 10th of March and got 2. I had the river to myself, that was awesome. Hate to say it but I don't post any info till I start to see the crowds and know the quiet time is over.
  4. Being secretive isnt gonna helpt he crowds at all. I wouldnt share info either. But there are way to many educated fisherman out there, they know when to go and when not too. We should share info with the ones who are willing to learn.

    Last year during peak times i got a 8 ilb walleye while the river was down real low. This was after good friday. 5 guys with me all got limits, released all snags. Fish with the river not acrossed it in the mess of people, the pockets is where they will "actually bite."
  5. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    it just tickles me to see people wading out and fish in chest high water.. unknowingly to them, they already walked past some awesome fishing holes on their way to that deeper water.. lol.. i am with you on fishing before the crowd gets there.. i switch to smallies fishing when the crowd gets thick.. :)
  6. I just get in-line were everyone else is.Just about anywhere is good during the run.Im usually in a boat but when I make the trip alone I just wade and find somebody decent to shoot the Crap with all day.
  7. ABE


    I have never fished the Maumee. I am just curious how far south the Walleye go in the Maumee. I have an Aunt with about a half mile of the Maumee that backs up to their farm near Defiance. Do they go in that far?
  8. I went out last year maybe the nd week of March and caught a couple but it was the end of the month when it picked up. I ended the run with about 60 fish in the freezer (gave alot to family that do not fish). I went out a couple time just to catch and release and got all kinds of crap from the guys fishing down there. It was one of the best years I had down there and I am looking forward to getting down there SOON.
  9. The dam at grand raipids stops them from reaching anywhere farther south on the river. Usually waterville is the farthest they go. I'm chomping at the bit to get on the river again. My cabin fever is getting real bad and spring can't get here fast enough. i'm usually pretty open about how the fishing is. people will be up here anyways and saying you fished buttonwood, jerome rd. or the fort doesn't really matter, they'll all be packed. As long as you hit the water at the first legal time you can usually pull a limit before it gets crowded and the hilljacks push you off the river. I didn't think the crowds were that bad last year and only had a few days where i was elbo to elbo. I've never fished on a weekend and don't ever plan on it though.
  10. i know where i ll be spending my spring break, prolly gonna finally invest in some waders. i need to hit netcraft and buy some floaters. i hope we start to get some warm weather so i can hit the river when i come back.
  11. phisherman

    phisherman can't land em Teddy

    Maumee has open water as of yesterday down to Ewing Island by Orlean Pk. The river running is like it stole something however at about 588. Its pretty wicked looking with some nice size ice flows travelling quickly by. I heard there was an ice jam below waterville that was causing some flooding but I couldn't find it yesterday. Soon enough!!!!!
  12. Does this mean that we can start fishing for walleye now? Are they in there now?
  13. no not yet, it usually takes a couple of weeks of warm weather to increase the water temp to get the fish to start moving up in the rivers to spawn. Also the water is too high to fish at 588.
  14. You can cross to the island at 581 so at 588 you can imagine
  15. You can fish the river (Orleans & the Fort) at around 584-85 IF the water isn't too dirty. It does need to warm up some too. With big chunks of ice floating down the river it is NOT safe to be in the water. If we have a couple of mild weeks, people will start at the end of February. I'll be at Buttonwood when the weather allows and I'll update as always. Later.
  16. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    nothing wrong with bein the first to try out for the walleyes in the maumee.. just dont wade out too deep and you should be ok.. beats sittin in the house wishin .. :)
  17. I work by the river everyday and it is moving way too fast right now to even think about being out there. Just a note, The past couple years they have been getting Steelies out of there when the water is still too cold for the eyes. Granted it is long and hard fishing but there are more and more reports yearly. Keep an eye on the posts and you WILL know when there are showing up down there.
  18. leaky tiki

    leaky tiki Fruitcake

    goin out to get some new waders today...