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  1. getting COLD outside and getting bigger fish!
    A night out with slim and EE[​IMG]

    Only the brave and stupid are out now.... just don't go after dark and start casting, you might be sliding your lure on ice!
  2. misfit

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    geeze,that biggest one looks like you inflated it with air,LOL.nice catch.

  3. OK mike, I'm ready for anything old man winter can throw at me now. Picked up a Snowy Range Suit from cabela's over the weekend. Might even head up to alaska and run the iditarod. :cool: :D
  4. GHuess I better get out there and check the ice situation. Nice fish by the way.
  5. Kastmaster93

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  6. Rick he said it popped when he touched it with the point of the knife!!:p November was a good month of catching December has been good as well when the ice stays away!!. Mostly at Indian but all over the lakes of central Ohio. Heres a few more pigs.[​IMG][​IMG] All caught on HUSKY Jerks and Rouges!!
  7. BigMha

    BigMha QQn 4 that "ONE" big fish

    nice catch and great job !!!!!
  8. Sometimes you fish all night without a bite and sometimes you literally step all over them! Here are a few more...
  9. EE


    lol, some nights they're non existent, other nights they appear out of nowhere........ leaves you scratching your head
  10. Gee mike, nice stringer of hawgs. What were you using...a size 10 or a 9 double wide? :rolleyes:
  11. Slim had on a size 13.
  12. My van was reaking this morning. Thought i left my socks in the van. ;) Yeah my 14 was just a tad to large so i trimmed down to a 13 brown and tan in color no chrome on it.:p
  13. Used a size 12 this time!!;) Love them freezing rain nights brings the girls out to eat!![​IMG] 27" over 8 pounds!!
  14. Quite the picture..... really in your face! where did you catch that? -lol
  15. hey mike why does that old picture keep popping up? lol for a summer fish you still win.
  16. I decided to put it in my signature, just so everyone knows.... if I would have caught that fish now, it would be hanging on my wall... Strange how an Indian Lake fish isn't bigger than that during the winter months.
  17. because there is no bait food at indian? real reason it is a male no eggs just snails and grass in it's belly. lol
  18. Now that I think of it, that fish has markings on it like it has been snagged before...................
  19. fishingredhawk

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    Wow guys, amazing!

    Way to go Slim and Ying, per usual.
  20. Wow nice fish guys I sure hope those are indian lake fish. Buckeye is beating me up I may just have to make the drive to Indian lake some afternoon. I would be headed from Buckeye Lake area if I had a rider it may make it happen a lil easier.