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With everything here this should cover all of your trolling needs.
With over 250+ lures
4 Jet Divers
3 Amish Outfitter bags
Maxi Mate Lure Box
Everything Pictured!!! All in great shape!!!
Spoons contain many Stingers, Pro King, Flutter Spoons, Hot n Tots, Thunder Sticks, Rapala Lures & Etc!!!
I am looking for one buyer, for this great set up.
Price $325.00 Takes this set up home. I am in NE Ohio, and ready to sell.
Please Email me [email protected]


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the 3 bags, are those trolling bags? how big are they and will you seperate them? id like to deal on them. I'd also like to get those 7 or 8 fat deep diver cranks too. The ones like the black body and pink dot one on the mat beside the bommer. That's if you choose to split them.
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