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    Too bad I wasn't back home and hunting season was still open. I could have had a nice Christmas! My old man took this picture around 1630 MST today. He said he walked out onto the driveway and they just watched them. Gotta love them mulies!

    I almost forgot to mention that this was in Wyoming. Winter's been raging back home for a bit now. We often see pronghorn inside city limits but I don't remember seeing a lot of deer inside town. I'm sure they're hurting for food by now. Would have been cool to watch.

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  2. Wyoming is some beautiful country. normally i only was out there in the summer and fall but made a trip in the winter one time and the amount of wildlife you see is unreal. i always went near pinedale to fish and have done a few hunting trips as wel. what area does your dad live in out there?
  3. ...That was a great picture your DAD took..Please don't call him the old man...
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    Did you really just write this as a response to his post about mule deer? Someone has the post-christmas blues.

    Very cool pic BTW, I hear about that happening...DIfferent animals coming from the outskirts into the cities when the weather turns bad.
  5. Wasn't ment to upset anyone...I was raised not to disrespect someone .and to me that Old Man stuff is...How would you feel if some 8 year old walked up to you and called you Old Man...
  6. WOW. Not sure how you were raised but to me, embarrassing/ correcting my wife in front of her family would be far more disrespectful than a daughter (who you admit is close to her father) referring to him as her "old man". It may not offend him. How do you think your wife felt? I am sure she just loves being corrected in front of "All Present". A subtle message after you left may be more appropriate if you are concerned with your FIL's feelings as would be you leaving out your short story stab at Grabrick's old man reference.


    Cool Pic. Those are some fat looking deer.
  7. ..Your missing my point...And my wife became close to her Dad four years later when he got hurt in a bad accident..The remark at the table was ment for the entire family ...they all called him that including one grandson..
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    HUNTorFISH - I grew up in Gillette which is located in the northeast corner of the state (on I-90). I really miss living out there. I had the prairies surrounding us, the mountains 70 miles away to the west and the Black Hills 40 miles to the east. The amount of wildlife out there is amazing. I hope I can get back there someday. Of course, for the next 10 or so years the Air Force will tell me where to live :p
  9. grabrick thats crazy! Great pic...CL thats crazy!...its not that serious!
  10. That's a sweet pic...thanks for sharing.

  11. Agree also