Hemorrhoid surgery

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  1. Ok, Iam going to lay it on the line because I know hemorrhoids are a fact of life for a lot of us outdoorsman, 6 days ago I had surgery and if I would have reseached it more before hand and read the horror storys I think I would have past on it or looked at alternative options, needless to say I didnt and here Iam 6 days later worse off then before! the pain is unbelieveable, complacations now have me going back this afternoon to see my doctor and I have a funny feeling Iam going to have to go under the knife again. Iam interested in what others have expereanced and has anyone run across a miracle cure?:D
  2. friend had the surgery ,things were pretty easy ,he says , hope you get fixed up in any surgery everybody is just a little diff.

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    I have no wisdom or knowledge to share on the subject but I am shedding a tear just thinking about your pain.
  4. no creams or ointments have ever helped me.

    only thing that's made them less frequent for me is having a good diet. drink plenty of water each day. and using a fiber supplement - cuz it seems like not matter how many fruits & vegetables i eat, it's just not enough. i mix a teaspoon full of psyllium powder (from GNC) in juice every morning.

    still about once a year, i get one nasty sob that makes a surprise appearance and takes about 2 or 3 weeks to totally ...crawl back into the hole from which it came. :p again, no creams help. and i swear, i think they are stress related. so i try and watch that too.

    sorry, prob not much help - just giving my experience. ( . )
  5. oh, yeah, i considered looking into surgery - i erad up a little and realized my case might not be severe enough to persue it - so i didnt. have it under control anyway - so it seems.
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    i know diet, fiber and lots of fluids are recommended. there is also a new procedure called coauglation, it is done with a lazer and suppose to be painless.
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    My uncle had some problems and the docs told him to soak in hot/warm water in a bathbub and that helped some.
  8. I just divorced mine! LOL :D

    Just kidding - I love my wife but I just had to add some humor to this.

    Would like to hear what works!!
    Thats why I had to add the humor - this isn't all that dang funny!!
    Believe me I know!! :mad:
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    Doesn't happen to me very often,maybe once every couple years.But when it happens it is full bore!!!!!!!! Only thing that has ever helped at all were warm baths in salt water.My doctor recommended squatting like a baseball catcher in the crouched position for as long as you can do it that helps a little too.
    Not trying to scare you but I had a distant cousin 26 yr old female who had the surgery done. She was sent home that night and bled to death in her sleep.This was quite a few yrs ago,I'm sure there may have been other complications as well.
    I think they only do surgery now in the most extreme cases.
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    <----- That arrow points to many years of experience (not that I'm proud of that)

    BUT I have learned a few things. Do I want to make everyone cringe first ??? YEP! I went to one doctor who said he could fix me right there in his office. I was young and quite gullible. He had me drop trou and lay on my side on his "exam" (read: torture) table and hold my cheeks apart for him with the instruction "don't let go no matter what". He sprayed something on the nether region to "numb it a little". I had no idea just how little "little" meant. "Ok, hold on real good this won't take long" He took a scalpel and claimed he was just going to "scrape it a little" (that word "little" again). To this day there are no words adequate to describe the sensations I immediately felt. I have never had the "hot poker" treatment but I imagine this would be similar. It was BAD to the maximum. He asked, "Oh, did that hurt?" I didn't scream. It was much louder and higher pitched than that. The doctor from the next suite came running in wondering why the fire alarm was going off. I swear I heard my doctor laughing through my screeching. The instruction "don't let go no matter what" kept running through my mind when it could think. I have had a lot of pain in my life, but this was, without a doubt, the most intense. Heck, I didn't even have the good sense to pass out, some help I was. ANYWAY, I lived through that and made a personal vow; never go to a doctor for an "absess in the absess" again in this lifetime.

    Since that time I tried a whole bunch of home remedies, few of which worked. Two of the things that helped are personal cleanliness and sitting in a tub of hot water. I was hospitalized for kidney stones about 15 years ago and they gave me that drink that clears out your whole intestinal tract to prep me for xrays. That blew a biggun for me and one of the nurses applied Vitamin A&D ointment to the problem area. Very relieving (guys, get your minds out of the gutter here, we are talking clinical). I still had flare ups about twice a year, but that stuff really helped. I didn't even need my donut for most of them.

    About 5 years ago I read up on the benefits of fish oil consumption and started using it daily for overall general health. It took maybe 2 years before it occured to me that I hadn't had even 1 flare up of the old hemmi's. That is still the case today (knock knock knock on wood). So that is my story and my recommendation is to take fish oil capsules. I take 2 in the morning and 2 with my evening meal. Make sure to take them just before food because the after taste might make you lose your desire to eat fish.

    My most sincere sympathies and best wishes go out to you.
  11. fish2day you got me laughing on your post!:D made my day, LOL seen the doc this afternoon and he says ah it a hemorrhoid, no s*&^ I knew that! he writes me a prescription for some cream and says come see me in 6 weeks!so after surgery and 6 days of god awfull pain to get rid of them Iam back to square one! needless to say Iam done with him, Iam going to try some herbial suff I found and your fish oil caps fish2day and if that doesnt work I found a doctor thats close to where I work at that does the infrared coauglation procedure, which just so happens to be what I had told my primary care doctor I wanted to go with from the start!
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    I just hope it didn't hurt too much when you laughed. :C
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    i take a "Enteric coated" Omega 3 fish oil softgel, the coating does remove any fishy taste. this coating works,. no fishy taste. i get them at sams club. im sure any pharm will carry them.

    dave, all i can say.....OUCH.
  14. you know it! it hurt but with the crap I have been dealing with I needed a good laugh!:D :D
  15. I don't know if many of you are Howard Stern Fans, but a few years ago a company sponsored "The World's Largest Hemorrhoid" contest. Video of the event aired on Howard TV and let me tell you, it was insane.

    One thing each of the contestants said, though, was that they had had surgery and the 'roids came back. Not sure surgery is the best option, heh.
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    havn't had a flare up since i sold my motorcycle back in the late 70's????? even sitting on the john and catching up on some FISHING mags is bad for the roids.
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    Wow, you guys are scaring me to death here. I was diagnosed with a "bleeder 'roid" and surgery was "recommended" but not urgently needed.

    After reading these stories, I think I'll live with it.
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    Not trying to be funny but I knew 2 guys that:

    I worked with a guy that had the operation and they "accidentally" cut the ligaments controlling what opens and closes the "hole". He could not "hold" it.
    When he felt like he was going to have to crap, he had to literally run to the john and always wore a kotex in case of an accident. I couldn't imagine.

    Another guy I knew, had it done and he said that all he could think of was me when they did the operation. I looked at him funny and said "why"?
    He said that he thought of all the welding I had done, that he could have saved some money and just came over here and let me stick a HOT welding rod up his A$$. I about choked! If it hurt that bad, where did he get his humor?
    Wife just corrected me, the second guy was for veneral warts!
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    you know a GUY that had veneral warts???:confused: who you been hangin' with van:eek:
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    Ha ha, he was I guy that lived in streetsboro and knew that I welded from other people, and came by just to tell me that crap. Want his name? :D