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  1. I am bringing a whitebass rookie to the river this weekend. I really want to put him on fish as his time is very limited to get out of the house. For those of you that have been out this week, should I take him to the Sandusky or the Maumee? Don't really care about the size of fish caught, just want him to have the chance for the most hook-ups. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I dont think you can go wrong with either place, he will cacth fish at both. I would go to the sandusky if I had the chance. Go to which ever one is the shorter drive= more fishing time. Good luck

  3. Sandusky for sure. I believe you HAVE to wade at Maumee but you can fish from shore at Sandusky. Ive also had much more success at Sandusky.
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