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I was sent this e-mail by bruce at grand river tackle.Thought it could really get a boost from all of us here.

Each year we are faced with new threats to the stability and long term
security of the resources we depend upon to make a living fly fishing in the
Great Lakes Region.

Two issues of immediate concern are 1) stopping an Asian Carp invasion into
the Great Lakes 2) stopping the over usage and possible exporting of water
out of the Great Lakes.

Please take two minutes out of your busy schedule and go to the websites
listed below. The sites have pre-written letters that will automatically be
send via email from the website to your state and federal representatives.
All you need to to is fill out your address and email, then click the send
button. Having just done so myself, I can tell you it's fast and easy and
won't take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Please help support the resources that allow you to make a living as a
fishing professional in the Great Lakes. It is to ALL of our benefit that
you participate.



Please pass this email on to anyone you know that cares about the future of
the Great Lakes fisheries.
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