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  1. :confused: ive got a 1963 evinrude 18hp outboard last september at atwoo it quit pumping water so i figured it was the water impeller i got a new one and go to take the old one out wel the old one looks just as good as the new one but i put the new one in anyway today i put the motor up on the stand drop her into a barrel of water it starts on the first damn pull but still no water pumping through the motor ive checked and rechecked everthing for clogs and to make sure everthing is put together right does anybody know what else i might be over looking i called a couple places and they wont work on it because its so old they say it would cost more to fix it than the motors worth and i really cant afford a new or new used motor besides this motor is like mint aside from the water pumping problem. any help would be great .

    thanks in advance , Sam.
  2. You might want to let it run awhile,sometimes it takes a few minutes.Also try putting it in gear...My .02

  3. fhnerie is right sometimes they take a while to prime...
    good luck
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    take an air hose and blow backwards thru the peestream tube . it may be blocked up w/larvae.. check it for blockage. you may still be pumping and cooling your motor even though you don't have a peestream there any mist comming out of the exhaust on the back /top of the exhaust ports?
  5. I would follow Freyedknot's suggestion for checking for blockage first. I also have the same motor and I can tell you that mine does not pump very much water until the RPM's are increased. I don't know how much you revved it up but try revving it and see if any water starts coming out. I regularly check mine by feeling the temperature of the water coming out and it is always lukewarm.

    It sounds like if it was pumping on you until last year all of the sudden it may very well have some sort of blockage especially since your old impeller was in good shape.
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    since you had the motor apart ; the tube that connects the water pump to the power head may be missalighned when you put it back together; check that out too