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  1. hi me any my buddy went squirrel hunting at cj in the part right off of route 4 like 5 mins from 334 and i saw a bunch of deer tracks has anyone had any luck bowhunting deer at cj anywhere and where is the best place to squirrel hunt there
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    Yeah theres plenty of guys that go there... I wouldn't expet to see a buch of squirrels. There are some big deer back there though you just have to get lucky for one to come off the no tresspassing land...

  3. how is the very top of of the lake for hunting deer and squirrel
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    I think most of it is either provate or not huntable... Not for sure, used to live in new moorefield and there were plenty of deer but not that many squirrels
  5. you need to go to the other side of the lake . there is hunting on grant rd . lot better for deer and squrell . there is parking there . if you go go to the left . there is a lot of pine trees there good bedding area .just be carefull you get a lot of them nuts that hunt there if you know what i mean .